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A code of professional practice - Ortygia
The studies and the relative experiences carried with the purpose to define the guidelines that drive for the construction of a code of technical behaviors contemplated to the conservation and the maintenance of the historical buildings in the island of Ortygia (Siracusa).
Related : Annuaire de l'Archeologie Francophone
Arché référence les sites francophones en lien avec l'Archéologie: recherche par catégorie, par mot clé, par département et bien d'autres ressources sur l'archéologie.
Trasporti di opere d'arte
British Museum
This site will help you find out more about the collections of the British Museum, it will help you plan a visit to the Museum or find out the answers to questions about the collections.
Canadian Conservation Institute
Virtual Tour of CCI
Centre International de Recherche Scientifique - CIRS -
Le premier portail mondial de la communauté scientifique : actualité de la recherche, laboratoires et universités, annuaire de chercheurs, ouvrages de reference, journaux, librairies et bibliothèques specialisees
Conservator's Emporium
Conservator's Emporium provides a complete selection of high quality products for use in Art Conservation, Restoration, and Preservation.
European Heritage Association
European Heritage Association, based in Zagreb is non-governmental, non-profit organisation, member of Europa Nostra, dedicated to promoting every aspect of professional excellence in heritage professions and doing it "by power of example". It organises in Dubrovnik, every September, The Best in Heritage, an annual review of the chosen awarded museum and heritage projects internationally, and HERITOLOGIA International Heritage Studies Forum.
Fakir Khana Museum - keeping the tradition alive
emuseum pakistan promises to preserve heritage of pakistan. fakir iftikhar introduces the first emuseum in Asia withh 30,000 artefacts of his family.
Forum Restauro @ Conservazione
Restauro e Conservazione. Forum sui temi del restauro architettonico, lapideo, pittorico e ligneo.
Il Cenacolo s.r.l.
Dal 1987 ci occupiamo di indagini diagnostiche, progettazione e lavori specialistici esclusivamente nel settore dei Beni Culturali. La grande esperienza acquisita nel settore rende il Cenacolo un valido supporto per ogni Progettista e Direttore dei Lavori.
Investigating the Renaissance Web Site
This is the Fogg Museum's Investigating the Renaissance web site
KV5 - The Theban Mapping Project
Since it first made world headlines in 1995, tomb KV 5, in the Valley of the Kings, has been described as the largest tomb ever found in Egypt, and the greatest archaeological discovery of the century
MFA - CAMEO - Home
CAMEO is a searchable encyclopedia developed at the Conservation and Collections Management Department at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. CAMEO contains chemical, physical, visual, and analytical information on over 10,000 historic and contemporary materials used in the conservation, preservation, and production of artistic, architectural, and archaeological materials.
Musea - Cultural Heritage Information Technology
The primary objectives of Musea are: "to study and investigate the standardisation issues corresponding to requirements emerging from the activities related to the storage and on-line access of the Cultural Heritage (ref. SOGITS N884)." You will find materials provided by this project, a discussion forum, an interactive questionnaire and interesting links to other sites related to Cultural heritage Information Technology.
Museums Of The World: Art, Painting, Society, Culture, History, Holocaust, Exhib
Museums Of The World - The greatest database from all museums of the world - Art, Painting, Society, Culture, History, Holocaust, Exhibition, Castle, Memorial, Gallery, Science, Natural History, Heritage, Society and Cultur, and much more at
Electron microscopes are microscopes that use a beam of electrons as the illuminating source unlike optical microscopes that use a beam of light. The beam of electrons is focused by magnets instead of optical lenses.
Nardini Restauro - Home page
NardiniRestauro - il portale del restauro e della conservazione dei beni culturali, informazioni e servizi per i professionisti del restauro e della conservazione
Portal de Conservação e Restauro - Seja bem-vindo(a) ao Portal de Conservação e Restauro do Património Cultural. Pretendemos fazer deste lugar o seu lugar. Um local onde se sinta bem, como se fosse a sua própria casa. Um local onde poderá ler, ver, analisar, discutir, contribuir, ensinar e aprender sobre as mais diversas vertentes na área da Conservação e Restauro.
Recapturing the Image
There is an article, "Recapturing the Image" that explains the construction techniques of Andrea di Bartolo's Madonna and Child in the Princeton University Art Museum.

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