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Architecture and Places of the World
Architecture and Places of the World - Great Buildings Online
Asian Historical Architecture
Thousands of online photos of historical architecture in China, Japan, North & South Korea, Cambodia, & Thailand
Base Thesaurus - Présentation
1135 termes utiles à la dénomination des oeuvres architecturales
Carta dei Beni Culturali
Motore di ricerca della produzione didattica e di ricerca del laboratorio di Fotogrammetria Architettonica del Politecnico diBari nel periodo 1976-2008
EMonument Open Science Society (Mainland Europe)
Cultural Heritage Virtual Institute at EMonument (EMVI)Reviewing the Implementation of a Pan-European Historic Building Survey (PEHBS) and an Pan-European Historic Engineering Record (PEHER) Through Advanced Continuing Professional Education
CANMORE is the Computer Application for National MOnuments Record Enquiries. The name Canmore was given to Malcolm III who was crowned king of Scots in 1058. The name is derived from the Gaelic Ceann mor, meaning ‘Great head’ or ‘Chief’. The illustration of Malcolm III (who was crowned king of Scots in 1058) and his wife Margaret comes from the 16th century Seton Armorial in the National Library of Scotland. It is reproduced by kind permission of Sir Francis Ogilvy, Bt.
Patrimoine et Arts Plastiques: Musées, Galeries, Laboratoires, Associations de sauvegarde, Restaurateurs, Ventes, Portails Annuaires, Formations à la restauration, Lectures, Groupe Discussion, Bases de données