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ANSI Online
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) web site offers up-to-date resources on national and international standards activities.
Technical Standards for Industry Worldwide
The European Committee for Standardization.
DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.
DIN Ente Normatore tedesco
ERP Testing Services
ERP testing is a procedure that's usually occurs before a company fully implements an ERP software package ans the software goes live.
Developments in museum and cultural heritage information standards. A joint project of the Getty Information Institute (formerly the Getty Art History Information Program) and the International Committee for Documentation of the International Council of Museums.
International Organization for Standardization.
La Commissione NorMaL (Normativa Materiali Lapidei): nascita, attività, Documenti pubblicati. La Commissione Beni Culturali UNI-NorMaL. Elenco delle norme.
Preservation Briefs - Nazional Park Service
For over 25 years, Technical Preservation Services has helped home owners, preservation professionals, organizations, and government agencies by publishing easy-to read guidance on preserving, rehabilitating and restoring historic buildings.
Technical Preservation Guidance
The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) is designated as the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to review projects with involvement from state and federal agencies. This office is staffed by professionals with a wide range of experience and expertise. Staff members include anthropologists, archeologists, architects, architectural historians, art historians, engineers, historians, landscape architects and planners. Staff members also have experience in business, environmental review, local governments, private sector consulting, professional organizations, teaching, underwater sites, and as local historians and published authors. Includes care of building exteriors and graveyard presevation.
The European Committee for Standardization
CEN´s mission is to promote voluntary technical harmonization in Europe in conjunction with worldwide bodies and its European partners. European standards (EN, ENV, CWA, ...) form a collection which ensures its own continuity for the benefit of users
The New British Standard
BS7913 - The new British Standard for building conservation
afnor association française de normalisation
AFNOR : élaboration, homologation et promotion des normes, information, vente de produits et services pour appliquer les normes, formation, conseil, certification de produits, services et systèmes