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A code of professional practice - Ortygia
The studies and the relative experiences carried with the purpose to define the guidelines that drive for the construction of a code of technical behaviors contemplated to the conservation and the maintenance of the historical buildings in the island of Ortygia (Siracusa).
American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works: Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice
Art Therapy Credentials Board - Code of Professional Practice
Appleton Charter
Appleton Charter for the Protection and Enhancement of the Built Environment Published by ICOMOS Canada under the auspices of the English-Speaking Committee, Ottawa, Canada, August 1983.
Archeology and Historic Preservation
These standards and guidelines are not regulatory and do not set or interpret agency policy. They are intended to provide technical advice about archeological and historic preservation activities and methods.
Burra Charter
The Australia ICOMOS Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Significance
CAC/ACCR and CAPC/ACRP Code of Ethics/Code de Déontologie
Code of Ethics and Guidance for Practice of the Canadian Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC) and of the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC). Code de Déontologie de l'Association canadienne pour la conservation et la restauration des biens culturels (ACCR) et de l'Association canadienne des restaurateurs professionnels.
CAPHC Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
The Canadian Association of Professional Heritage Consultants, hereafter referred to as the "Association", has several objectives in establishing a code of professional conduct and ethics, notably: the establishment of guidelines for members to follow when conducting their professional affairs; the establishment of a set of standards to which members must comply; ensuring that the interests of the public in general and the clients in particular will be properly served by any member of the Association.
Charter for the Archaeological Heritage
ICOMOS Charter for the Protection and Management of the Archaeological Heritage (1990)
Charters and Other Instruments
Charters adopted by the General Assembly of ICOMOS, Resolutions and Declarations of ICOMOS Symposia, Charters Adopted by ICOMOS National Committees, Other International Standards
Code of Ethics
South African Guild of Ceramics Restorers & Conservators - Responsibility in respect of objects, Responsibilities towards the person commissioning restoration, relations with colleagues, trainees and profession, obligations to the public.
Code of Ethics for Museums
ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums
Conservation of Smaller Historic Towns
Resolutions of the International Symposium on the Conservation of Smaller Historic Towns, at the 4th ICOMOS General Assembly.
Contemporary Architecture
Resolutions of the Symposium on the introduction of contemporary architecture into ancient groups of buildings, at the 3rd ICOMOS General Assembly. Budapest on 27th and 28th June 1972
Declaration of Dresden
At the invitation of the ICOMOS National Committee of the German Democratic Republic, participants from 11 countries held a symposium in Dresden from November 15th to 19th, 1982 on the subject of the "Reconstruction of Monuments Destroyed by War". Dresden, November 18th, 1982.
Declaration of Rome
National symposia of Sorrento (1979) and of Naples (1981), discussed the following theme in Rome (9-10 June 1983) on the basis of earlier studies: "Monuments and Sites: conservation action in Italy today".
Deschambault Declaration
CHARTER FOR THE PRESERVATION OF QUEBEC'S HERITAGE. Adopted by the Conseil des monuments et des sites du Québec, ICOMOS Canada French-Speaking Committee, April 1982.
European Archaeological Heritage Convention
European Convention on the protection of the Archaeological Heritage. La Valette, 16.1.1992.
European Charter
European Charter of the Architectural Heritage Adopted by the Council of Europe, October 1975
In the conservation of Monuments, Ensembles and Sites

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