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Restauro di dipinti murali, intonaci antichi restauro dipinti su tela, ligneo, policromo e assistenza alle imprese edili
Art Conservation Solutions (ACS)
Art Conservation Solutions was conceived as an effort to care for works of art and tangible cultural heritage in India. Services: conservation restoration of art works, scientific analysis of art works, documentation collection assessment, consultancy workshops.
Art Restorations Inc.
Art Restorations, Inc., preserves and restores fine art and decorative objects that have significance ascultural, historic and artistic property. We restore pottery, ceramics, porcelain, glaze, chip, painting, bronze, metal, casting, frames, craft, picture, puncture, tear, varnish, paint, crystal, repair, beauty, broken, furniture, marble, heirloom, brass, silver, malachite, wood and jade.
Asian Art Gallery Oriental Art Wholesale
Thailand exporter and wholesaler of Asian art, antiques, gems, jewelry, gold, porcelain, sterling silver, jade, kalagas, bas-relief art, woodcarvings, marble and teak furniture.
Conservazione e Restauro dei beni architettonici. Impresa operante nel settore della conservazione dei beni culturali artistici e storici; Museotecnica; Studio, ricerca e documentazione.
Coo.Be.C Spoleto
La societā si occupa del restauro e della manutenzione di complessi architettonici, ma anche d'opere d'arte (dipinti murali, materiale lapideo). Affianca adesso il proprio laboratorio di restauro ad uno per il restauro di beni archivistici, librari e documentari.
Diemme Restauri
Recupero patrimonio artistico, restauro monumenti, affreschi, statue, chiese, restauro ligneo, installazione chiodi antipiccione.
Descrizione dell'attivitā dell'Azienda leader nel restauro storico - artistico
Fidia - Restauri d'arte
Sito aziendale ricco di immagini in formato Flash
Heritage managment
Dedicated to the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage in Portugal, in terms of their preservation study. Works in several areas like conservation interventions, material analisys and cultural heritage managment.
International Conservation Services - Sydney,Australia
International Conservation Services Pty Ltd Australia: Paintings, textiles, papers, metal, stone
Professional Consulting Services For Your Cultural Heritage Needs
professional consulting service in the cultural heritage sector; to provide full services and recommendations on digitisation, restoration, R&D projects
Restoration Associates
Architectual conservation application of gold leaf paint analysis documentation custom finishes restoration custom stencil pattern.
Servabo - Milano
Laboratori di restauro di materiali lapidei e lignei a Milano e Lecco.
West Lake Conservators
West Lake Conservators is a nationally recognized firm specializing in the preservation and restoration of historic and artistic works. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of skilled care for the conservation of paintings, frames, murals, textiles, paper and photographic materials.