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Cultural Resource Management and Archeological Consulting. Archeo-Tec is a contracting firm of full-time archaeologists, concentrating on cultural resource management work.
Abingdon archaeological geophysics
We use geophysical equipment and techniques to help people to locate and understand archaeological remains.
AMTeC Co-op Ltd was formed in July 1997. It is a marketing co-operative dedicated to the investigation, care, reproduction and presentation of archaeological artefacts and past technologies.
ArchaeoPhysica - Geophysics & Reconnaissance for Archaeology
ArchaeoPhysica is a specialist provider of a comprehensive range of non-invasive reconnaissance services for archaeology, including geophysical and topographical survey.
ArcheoTrekne - societā di servizi per i Beni Culturali
Archeotrekne company of services for the Cultural Heritage: application of new techonologies to the protection and enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage.
CRM Group
Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Group Limited specializes in archaeological assessment, heritage resource planning, cultural heritage conservation, and site interpretation & development
Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust
Homepage of the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust. Find out about the archaeology of north-east and mid Wales and the services that we offer
EGA Associates Archaeological Consultants
EGA Archaeological Consultants provides scientific analysis of archaeological metal artefacts, ancient metallurgical production residues and early technological remains.
Interventi su edilizia storica, reperti archeologici ed oggetti artistici.
The Leibniz-Labor for Radiometric Dating and Isotope Research was established 1994 at the Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany. Its task is the use of stable and radioactive isotopes for archaeometry, palaeoclimate research and as tracers in environmental studies. The following methods are used at this time: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry; proportional counters; mass spectrometry; gamma spectrometry.
Museum of London Archaeology Service
Welcome to the MoLAS WWW site. Here you will find information on the services we offer to the construction industry and the publications we offer.
Oxford Archaeotechnics
Oxford Archeotechnics specialise in archaeological prospection (magnetic susceptibility and magnetometer) and also topographic work. The company has been established 12 years and has completed over 300 surveys extending over 4,000 Ha.
Southern Radar Imaging Ground Penetrating Radar
Southern radar imaging provides ground penetrating radar services for archaeology and geology projects, bridge assessments, underground utility location, and locating embedding inclusions in concrete.