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(Splash) CMA4CH meeting, 2014: Employ of Multivariate Analysis and Chemometry in
A conference designed to build a bridge between cultural heritage researchers (and restorers) and chemometricians.We activated an inexpensive Multivariate Analysis course to be held in 3 days parallel to CMA4CH.
Aachen University of Technology
Natural stones were used as building material at historically important buildings and monuments as well as at modern and industrial buildings. The drastic increase of weathering damages at these monuments, especially at cultural monuments, requires urgent preservation measures on the basis of newest research results. Knowledge of the weathering state of monuments, of material properties of stones used and of material alterations owing to weathering is the basis for the explanation of the complex weathering processes and causes of damages and therefore important for planning and execution of preservation measures and for prevention of damages.
ArtServe at the Australian National University
Art & Architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin and Japan
A gateway to the art collections, educational materials, and other online resources of The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Art Center supporting the needs of the K-12 art education community.
Centro Interdipartimentale di Scienza e Tecnica per la Conservazione del Patrimonio Storico Architettonico. Interdepartmental Center of Science and Technology for the Conservation of the Architectural Heritage
CMA4CH Meeting 2018, Multivariate Analysis and Chemometry: an essential support
A conference to spread the use of the chemometrics in the field of cultural heritage and environment and to build a bridge between researchers involved on cultural heritage, restorers and chemometricians.
CMA4CH meeting, 2016: straightforward approach in Cultural Heritage and Environm
A conference about the use of chemometrics in the field of cultural heritage and environment.
CRIBECU On Line - Centro Ricerche Informatiche per i Beni Culturali
Il Centro di Ricerche Informatiche per i Beni Culturali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa si occupa di tutti gli aspetti connessi all'interazione fra gli strumenti informatici e le discipline umanistiche.
Columbia University Preservation Homepage
Organized in 1974, Columbia's Preservation Division is one of the five oldest library preservation programs in the United States.
Columbia University Preservation Homepage
Organized in 1974, Columbia's Preservation Division is one of the five oldest library preservation programs in the United States. The division has primary responsibility for maintaining the collections through treatment, which ensures their availability for use, and through reformatting, when use is no longer possible due to unstable condition and/or embrittled paper. The division is responsible for preservation of materials in all formats and genres, including sound recordings, and digital resources created by the Libraries.
Conservation Research Laboratory - TAMU
The Conservation Research Laboratory (CRL), directed by Dr. Donny L. Hamilton, is one of the oldest continuously operated conservation laboratories that deals primarily with archaeological material from shipwrecks and other underwater sites.
Cornell University Department of Preservation and Conservation
To support the research and teaching needs of the scholarly community through the preservation, conservation, and continuing accessibility, of research library and archive materials.
Cultural Heritage at CSGI
The University Consortium for the Study of Large Interface Systems (CSGI) develops several Physical Chemistry related projects, such as the conservation of cultural heritage (in particular, wall paintings). Since 1993, when CSGI Consortium was born, various restorations have been carried out with our scientific advice. Our activities concerns the development of innovative experimental methodologies, their experimentation in restoration yard, and the physico-chemical diagnostics during restorations.
Department of Cultural Technology & Comm
Cultural heritage, patrimoine, museology, new technologies, cultural management, performance
Department of chemistry at the University of Antwerp
Research groups
Dipartimento DI.TEC: Intro
Architectural and urban composition, Conservation of architectural goods, Design and survey, Evaluation of architectural goods, History of architecture, Assessment and design of territorial and house quality.
Dipartimento delle Scienze dell'antichita` - Home Page
The appropriate place to acquire an advanced methodology and a proper professional skill in the fields of cultural resource protection, high school teaching, research.
Europa-Universitaet Viadrina
The official website of the faculty of cultural sciences of the viadrina european university "Preservation of european cultural monuments, properties and sites".
Facolta di Architettura-Ascoli Piceno
Facoltā di Architettura di recente istituzione. Ha attivato un laboratorio di Restauro dei Monumenti al 4°anno ed uno di Progetto del Restauro al 5° anno.
Facoltā di Architettura - Parma
La Facoltā di Architettura di Parma ha attivato due laboratori di Restauro Architettonico ed uno di Teoria e tecniche costruttive nel loro sviluppo storico.

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