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Restauro e Conservazione opere su carta, legature, pelle e pergamena
Armor Paper Conservation
Armor Paper Conservation specialises in the conservation and restoration of all works of art on paper.
Art & Old Print Restorations
Our Fine Art Restoration Services provides print collectors and art dealers with 19 years of experience in the proper cleaning of prints, watercolors, maps, drawings and paper documents.
Centre de Conservatino du Livre
Association, installée en Arles, le CCL mène depuis 1987,en France et à l'étranger, des actions de formation, d'expertise et de coopération interprofessionnelle dans les domaines de la conservation et de la gestion du patrimoine documentaire.
Centro Studi e Restauro - GORIZIA - Restauro del libro, della pergamena e delle
Sito di Centro Studi e Restauro Soc. Coop. via dei Rabatta 18 34170 Gorizia tel 0481532998 fax 0481532998
Eclipse Paper Conservation
Conservation, Restoration and Preservation of paper-based collectibles and works of art on paper including comic books, posters, photos, historical documents and artwork.
Etherington Conservation Center
Paper Conservation for Books, Manuscripts, Maps and Art on Paper
Deacidification Alkalinization, Re-sizing, Mending Lining, Reducing stains or foxing, Washing, Removal of linen backing or acidic mounts, Cleaning varnished wall maps, Inpainting, Encapsulation.
IADA online
International Association of book and paper conservators
Institute of Paper Conservation
The Institute of Paper Conservation (IPC) is the leading organisation devoted solely to the conservation of paper and related materials. Paper conservation is sophisticated and diverse and one of IPC's main objectives is the advancement of the craft and science of paper conservation both within the profession and in terms of public awareness.
Knops Boekrestauratie
Conservation & Restoration of Books and Paper
Maria Pukownik
Fine Art and Paper Conservation. Conservation service for damaged artworks on paper.
Museum Conservation Services Ltd
Museum Conservation Services Ltd are specialists in the conservation and restoration of graphic works on paper. We offer a comprehensive, high quality service at competitive rates. In addition to practical conservation work we provide a full range of conservation related advisory services.
Norbert Schempp Buch
Book and paper restoration. Die Firma Schempp bietet umfassende Dienstleistungen zur Bestandserhaltung, Restaurierung, Konservierung und Schadensanierung für Bücher, Akten, Urkunden, Zeitungen, Grafiken, Karten und Zeichnungen an.
Paola Demicheli
Restauro opere cartacee, beni librari, archivistici e stampe.PIACENZA
Paper Conservators
This conservation web site promotes the role of the conservator, Robert Wynne-Jones, within the profession of paper conservation and restoration.
Studio for Paper Conservation. Conservation of Fine Art on Paper Prints, Maps, Watercolours, Pastels, Drawings, Globes, Historical Documents, Photographs Oriental, Old Master, Contemporary
Paul Messier
Conservator Paul Messier specializes in serving the preservation needs of large institutions and private clients. Paul Messier focuses on the conservation of photographs and art/artifacts on paper.
Bookbinding, archive conservation. R-Craft undertake conservation and restoration work on volumes of all types, maps, plans, paper and parchment documents and wax seals etc. Services range from conservation surveys and reports on entire collections, full repair and binding of volumes down to minor restoration of individual books and documents, depending on customers' requirements.
Restauratieatelier Jos Schrijen
boekrestauratie books bookrestoration restoration
Restauration de livres anciens
Olivier Maupin restaurateur de livres anciens et de documents graphiques Formation - Restauration du patrimoine écrit. Conception et fabrication de Lutrins.

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