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ANASAYFA Conservazione Archeologica
Architectural & Archaelogical restoration and conservation.
Alma Ortolan
Painting Conservator with experience in easel painting, mural painting, stucco, stone and architectural surfaces.
Ana Veronica Hartman Restauratrice
Sito personale della restauratrice Ana Veronica Hartman
Antique Paintings
Old european and latin american paintings private dealers. Art conservation and restoration in Rome.
Art Restoration and Conservation Oliver Brothers
Oliver Brothers has been performing fine art restoration and conservation since 1850. Works of art, documents, sculptures, frames, religious icons and more.
Artistica Pirro
Art Conservation and Restoration.
British Association of Paintings Conservator-Restorers
BAPCR is the professional organisation for conservator-restorers of paintings. It has well over 400 members in the United Kingdom and other countries.
Bruno Tilmant d'Auxy
Bruno Tilmant d'Auxy de un atelier de restauration d'oeuvres d'art: peinture, dessin, fresque, sculpture.
CBR di Bigini Romeo - Studio di restauro e conservazione di beni culturali - Urb
restauro di opere d'arte, affreschi, dipinti su tela e tavole, sculture, materiale lapideo, materiale archeologico
Conservation Matters
Conservation Matters provides specialist services in the conservation and restoration of easel paintings, principally oil or acrylic paintings on canvas or panel.
Dipl.-Restaurator Univ.
International conservation and restoration of paintings
Encaustic fire painting by ancient
The beauty triumphs with the coloured wax and compels the painter to love his work giving a voice to the wax and a word to the painting.
Fabian & Samuels * Conservation and Restoration of Fine Art
Fabian and Samuels, conservation and restoration of fine art. Restoration and conservation of easel paintings; Exhibition and Collection Management; Research; Other Services. Zurich/Staefa (Switzerland) +41 1 926 80 26
Ger-sO - Home Page
L’attività ha per oggetto specifico il restauro di tempere ed olii su muro, affreschi, teatri e sipari, materiale lapideo, legno policromo e dorato, dipinti su tela e tavola.
Ger-sO - Home Page
Restoration of works of art, in particular of stone materials, frescoes mural tempera, canvasses and panel paintings, theatres, curtains
Gerard M Tudhope, Conservator Of Fine Art
We offer, technical-scientific examination and restoration intervention of paintings. This includes, a comprehensive report on the item in question. Specifically aimed at the church and historic buildings
Hudson+Salah Art Conservation - info page
A Fine Art Painting and Mural Conservation studio in New Orleans. Offering the finest state of the art painting and mural conservation services.
Xarrié: Restauradores y conservadores de obras de arte dede 1929
Lo spazio del Restauro
Restauro e conservazione delle opere d'arte: un sito ricco di foto, schede esplicative e link interessanti. Forum sul restauro. Stage di orientamento professionale.
Morra Restauro
Restauro oggetti antichi dipinti arredi mobili

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