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Bradshaw & Whelan Ceramic Reference Books
Bradshaw and Whelan specialize in out-of-print, used and new antique ceramic reference books. Our inventory includes a wide range of British, Continental, Oriental, and American pottery, porcelain and marks books.
Celtica Rivista Culturale Europea
La rivista web di celtismo europeo versione italiana
Conservation Ecology . A Peer Reviewed Journal
Conservation Ecology, a peer-reviewed, electronic, scientific journal published by the Resilience Alliance.
Cultivate Interactive
Cultivate Interactive is a Web magazine which is funded under the European Commission's Digital heritage and Cultural Content (DIGICULT) programme.
Dario Flaccovio editore
Editoria tecnica relativa alle costruzioni in muratura.Le pubblicazioni comprendono sia capitolati tecnici specifici, sia ristampe anastatiche di manuali tecnici del XVIII e XIX secolo, sia manualistica per il consolidamento e la ristrutturazione.Ordini on line.
Ecologically Based Municipal Land Use Planning
restoring the municipal master plan as the dominant document, incorporating recent scientific research studies, applying geographic information systems, and designating the protection of the community's ecological infrastructure as the premier priority.
Enco journal
Periodico sulla tecnologia dei materiali da costruzione
English Heritage
Publications. English Heritage is the Government's lead body for the historic environment in England. We are responsible for protecting the best of this country's unique legacy of historic buildings, landscapes and archaeological sites for the benefit of this and future generations.
La casa editrice Il Prato rivolge la propria attenzione principalmente al mondo del restauro (tecniche, metodologie e formazione), dell'arte e delle tecniche artistiche, altri importanti settori d'attivitā sono quelli dedicati alle indagini sociali e alla ricerca storica.
Ingegneria ed architettura
Geotecnica ingegneria architettura
sito della collana monografica "Mediterraneum. Tutela e valorizzazione dei beni culturali ed ambientali", curata da Fabio Maniscalco
Professional Refinishing, the magazine of the wood-restoration industry
Refinishers' access point to information on the repair, refinishing and restoring of furniture and architectural woodwork and to suppliers who support product needs
Swedish Conservation
This site is a good starting point if you're looking for information about conservation and restauration out on the net. The conservation link has a few services that only are available to swedish conservators, but it should still have a lot to offer for conservators all over the world
Building, publishing, software, project, magazine, consulting, student help
Banca dati ed un servizio di consulenza on line per il settore del Restauro Architettonico, Artistico e Monumentale nonché per il Risanamento degli edifici e dei Centri Storici delle nostre cittā.
Tradizional Buildings Magazine
The Editors have assembled links to the websites of 291 of the principal suppliers of Historic products and ervices. They've been organized into the the major categories below. There's also a button at the end with a list of all 291 in straight alphabetical order.