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ARG Conservation Services: Conservation Construction Services of
Providing conservation construction services for historic architecture, monuments & large works of art. Founded by Architectural Resources Group.
AWPNUC - Asia & West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation
The Asia & West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation (AWPNUC) was formed in 1991 with the purpose of exchanging cultural information and technical expertise in the area of urban conservation. AWPNUC's members are predominantly urban conservation advocates, professionals and practitioners who share much in common in terms of cultural heritage, building technology, urban forms as well as contemporary urban problems and challenges.
Acanthus Lawrence & Wrightson architects
Integrated service in the fields of conservation, repair and re-use historic buildings.
Risponde alle esigenze di un'utenza che vuole partecipare in tempo reale alla vita artistica mondiale; conoscere i luoghi in cui essa si svolge; approfondire la storia del percorso creativo degli artisti vissuti tra il Duecento e il Novecento; esplorare l'intricato sistema che spesso lega l'opera d'arte ad altri universi della conoscenza; intrattenere conversazioni con gli autori di saggi, curatori di mostre, artisti.
Building Conservation Associates
Consultants for the conservation and restoration of historic buildings, cultural resources, and works of art
CR/ICC - The Art and Science of Architectural Conservation
ICR - Integrated Conservation Resources Inc. and ICC - Integrated Conservation Contracting Inc., form a team of professionally trained conservators, scientists, craftspeople and project managers dedicated to the restoration and conservation of historic structures.
Conservation Architecture & Planning
CAP are specialist conservation consultants covering the full range of historic environment commissions as Architects, Town Planners and Urban Designers, operating in the UK and overseas.
Geotechnical Engineering
Keller is one of the world's leading International Geotechnical Contractors
Historic Building Inspectors Association
Building inspectors with an understanding of preservation standards.
Historic Building and Restoration Trades
Artisans and Professional Services Directory. Find historic building restoration resources including artisans, craftsmen, tradesmen, contractors, architects, preservationists, conservators, restorers and schools teaching preservation skills.
Ingram Consultancy
Consultants for the repair and conservation of historic buildings and archaeological sites
Jan Hird Pokorny Associates
Specializing in preservation, restoration, and adaptive reuse of historic structures. The firm is committed to preserving the irreplaceable quality of older structures through careful restoration of materials, harmonious design, and attention to detail.
John Milner Associates, Inc.
John Milner Associates, Inc. (JMA) is a multi-disciplinary professional consulting firm specializing in historic preservation, cultural resources, and building materials conservation services with offices in West Chester and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as in Alexandria, Virginia.
NEPP srl
Soluzioni per il restauro e l'archeologia
Railton-Price: North Lincolnshire           
We specialise in conservation, restoration, and renovation of historic buildings in Lincolnshire.
Restauro architettonico, restauro monumentale, restauro e conservazione dell'arc
Servizi utili per i professionisti del restauro e della conservazione
Richbrook Conservation for Finishes Analysis
Richbrook Conservation services for historic architectural paint analysis.
Robin Kent Architecture & Conservation
Existing buildings conservation, maintenance, repair and restoration
SMG Architects-Chevy Chase Bank/Alex Brown Building
SMG Architects' accomplished network of consultants, has won recognition for work on schools, laboratories, adaptive use of historic structures, private clubs, and residences. SMG Offers the latest in computer-assisted design technology and Internet integration in architecture.
Sites & structures Architects
SITES & STRUCTURES, INC. is a small architectural firm specializing in the historic preservation, restoration, renovation, rehabilitation, remodel, relocation, and other unique solutions for existing buildings.

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