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Alcott Archaeology
Alcott Archaeology offers services related to cultural resource management and historic preservation
Applied EarthWorks
Applied EarthWorks, Inc. specializes in history, archaeology and cultural resources management. Current laws and regulations mandate consideration of prehistoric and historical remains.
Archaeological Services
Welcome to Worcestershire County Council's Website providing a county wide information service
International university-based archaeological consultancy. Specialists in historical archaeology, brownfield regeneration, industrial archaeology
Christine Davis Consultants, inc.
Christine Davis Consultants, Inc. (CDC) is a cultural resource management firm specializing in archaeological surveys, historic resource surveys, and Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER) documentation. CDC’s team includes specialists in archaeology, urban archaeology, history, architectural history, large-format photography, and computer-aided design (CAD). All personnel meet or exceed the Federal qualifications defined in 36 CFR Part 61, as amended. To comply with OSHA regulations, two of the firm's employees have completed 40-hour training programs administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
Cultural Heritage Research Services, Inc.
Cultural Heritage Research Services, Inc. provides historic preservation and social science research services to clients in both government and the private sector. The firm is organized around a core staff of professionals with extensive experience and broad backgrounds, including expertise and experience in the areas of prehistoric and historic archaeology, industrial archaeology, historic structure evaluation and restoration, artifact and architectural conservation, archival and oral historical research, museum and exhibit design, and preservation procedures and planning.
Cultural Heritage Services
Archaeological, GIS and Cultural heritage services offered throughout Australia.
Directory of Registered Professional Archaeologists
Register of Professional Archaeologists: Online Directory
Historic Preservation Consultant Cultural Resource Planning
Historical and archaeological consultant specializing in historical research, historic building surveys, cultural resource planning, archaeological surveys, historic contexts, historic preservation, interpretation and heritage tourism.
Xenia - Servizi per i beni culturali
Assistenza scientifica a scavi archeologici, analisi del rischio archeologico, rilievi e documentazione grafica di strutture e reperti, rilievi elettronici, documentazione fotografica, georeferenziazione digitale di cartografia integrata da fotografie aeree