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Romoe - The Conservators Portal
Romoe is an initiative for restorers and conservators of arts and care of monuments. We offer information to the topics: Restorer, curator, restoration and preservation methods, history of art and culture, care of monuments and monument protection.
Romoe Restauratoren Portal - Restaurierung Weltweit
Romoe is an international information and branche portal about restoration, art and care of monuments. Detailed references, special texts of restorers, conservators and your spheres of activity, the portal informs about restoration and conservation.
The Italian History - - il motore storico-umanistico e del Medioevo Italiano
The One-Stop Materials and Corrosion Information Resource
The Corrosion Portal contains corrosion information, corrosion and materials learning center, discussions and content related to general and localized corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, multiphase flow, cathodic protection, fitness for service, electrochemistry, corrosion inhibition, Cathodic Protection (CP), deepwater development, risk-based inspection (RBI), crude corrosivity, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, periodic table, online corrosion conference proceedings, lab reports, lab testing data, environmental database on materials and corrosion related to oil and gas industry
Your Brush With The Law
New York based web portal that promotes an awareness of art crimes and scandals in the N.Y. arena of art. - Il Patrimonio Culturale è anche TUO! .. visitalo <3
Magazine per la Promozione e Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali. Il primo PTW sul Patrimonio Culturale Italiano.
Our mission is to help build capacity in the building trade and design professions through preservation education and training, respectfully.
iBoogie MetaSearch Engine
iBoogie MetaSearch Engine - cultural heritage conservation

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