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Ancient Corinth
The most significant resource in Greece for scholars of the language, literature, art, history, archaeology, and philosophy of Greece and the Greek world from pre-Hellenic times to the presen.
Archaeological Park - Xanten, Germany
Archaeological Park - Xanten, Germany
Athenian Agora Excavations
A brief description and overview of the Athenian Agora Excavations
Bessa roman gold mine
Archaeology, history, geology, bibliography and images of Second century BCE gold mine in Piedmont, Italy.
Campanaio, Sicily: A Geophysical Survey 1995
A short programme of Geophysical evaluation in southern Sicily has helped to identify industrial activity in the Roman rural settlement at località Campanaio in the Comune of Montallegro (AG) Sicily, Italy. The survey was commissioned by Professor Roger Wilson of Nottingham University and undertaken under the aegis of the Soprintendenza per I Beni Culturali e Ambientali of Agrigento.
Cliffords Tower York England
Castle Area Campaign Group is fighting to stop the building of the Coppergate II shopping mall next to the ancient monument of Clifford's Tower, which was the site of the massacre of York's Jewish population in 1190.
sito sullo scavo del foro di traiano coordinato dalla Sovraintendenza ai beni Culturali del Comune di Roma
Hierakonpolis Online
Hierakonpolis is one of the most important archaeological sites for understanding the foundations of ancient Egyptian society.
Jaisalmer in Jeopardy
Jaisalmer in Jeopardy: Official website of the British registered charity fromed to protect and restore the historic fortress city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India.
Jaisalmer in JeopardyJaisalmer in Jeopardy
(JiJ) is a British-registered charity, established in 1996 by writer Sue Carpenter, to raise international awareness and funds to protect and preserve the city’s heritage. JiJ operates in collaboration with INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), the Jaisalmer Heritage Trust and World Monuments Fund, USA.
Missione Archeologica di Hierapolis
Missione archeologica italiana di Hierapolis di Frigia (Turchia)
Mount Nebo-Siyagha in Jordan
The site explored by the Franciscan Archaeological Insitute- Jordan. Description of the mountain, excavations, treasures, experience
L’isola San Pantaleo, cuore della Riserva Naturale orientata "Isole dello Stagnone", è sede dell’antica Mozia, città fondata alla fine dell’VIII sec. a.C. dai Fenici; per la sua posizione favorevole ai commerci marittimi divenne ben presto una delle più floride colonie fenicie d’Occidente
Mozia - Fondazione
Mozia, città fenicia
Muralla Romana de Lugo
Web monográfico realizado por el Ayuntamiento de Lugo. Incluye un paseo virtual y más de 120 fotografías.
Necropoli di Orto Ceraso a Teano
La città antica Lo scavo in località Orto Ceraso Il monumento funerario Le stele Le urne cinerarie Le sepolture alla cappuccina Dati di scavo e società antica WorldWide VR-Angkor Wat UNESCO World Heritage site
360 degree VR panoramas from all around the world. A directory of interactive panoramic images from the best VR photographers in the world.
Petra National Trust
Welcome to the official website of the Petra National Trust. The purpose of this site is to promote greater exposure, interest and appreciation for the World Heritage site of Petra. Please take a few minutes to tour the site and learn more about Petra and the efforts needed to preserve its remarkable history and beauty.
Pompei Online - the city of Pompeii - La città di Pompei
the city of Pompeii, Pompei On Line is a way for people whishing to improve the knowledge of the city of Pompeii;
Proyecto Carteia

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