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The transnational Let's Care Method project aims at promoting: guidelines and action models for the awareness and identification of cultural heritage; an indicators system for defining cultural landscapes and means for intervention to be carried out locally; models for safeguarding and emphasising cultural heritage, environmental recovery and urban revitalisation through an applicable experimental project.
League of Conservation Voters
League of Conservation Voters the political voice for the environment
Legambiente Corato
Legambiente svolge da anni iniziative a difesa dell'ambiente. Il sito propone i programmi, eventi e comunicazioni del circolo di Corato (BA). Anche una sezione cartoline.
Merritt Parkway Conservancy
The Merritt Parkway Conservancy's mission is to revitalize and celebrate the Merritt Parkway by facilitating a flow of private resources and expertise to help enhance the Parkway's landscape, restore its bridges and facilities to historic designs, and educate the public about the roadway's history and special character.
S.E.R Society for Ecological Restoration
Internet Resources Site Information on the Society Library,
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