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H-Museum : H-Net list for Museum Professionals
The H-Net Network for Museum Professionals is a moderated mailing list and information forum. This means that texts are reviewed by an editorial panel, revised if necessary and only then transmitted. The manager of the list will ensure that the contents meet academic standards and prevent their use for commercial, non-academic or non- relevant purposes. The editorial team is supported by an advisory board. The mailing list addresses themes and questions primarily relating to museums and memorial places, but is also intended to be interdisciplinary, so that archaeological, historical, cultural and artistic information can be posted alongside other more established, central spheres of activity. Articles relating to the activities and news of archives and libraries will also be listed. A particular feature is the emphasis on museums and the internet. You will also find accounts and discussions of exhibitions, reviews of books and other communication media, as well as reports of conferences and calls for papers.
Languages: mainly English and German, but Italian, French and Dutch too.
For those researching the properties of indoor air quality, climate and the implications of this on objects, works of art, and archival records.
Museum Conservation Discussion List. ICOM-CC is the International Conservation Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The ICOM-CC distribution list is intended to serve as an electronic forum for the discussion of all issues within the Committee's field of concern. It will additionally serve as a medium for the exploration of applications of computerized networking technologies to the conservation profession. The list is open for public subscription. However, only registered members of the ICOM Conservation Committee may submit contributions for posting to it.
Association of Science-Technology Centers. ISEN-ASTC-L is a listserv that links informal science educators from around the world, many of whom work in ASTC member institutions as educators, exhibit developers, evaluators, and in the area of visitor services.
Languages: English
This list is intended for the free discussion of any and all matters relevant to the Top Level Domain ".museum" and MuseDoma.
Languages: English
Museum-L is a general purpose, cross-disciplinary electronic discussion list for museum professionals, students, and all others interested in museum related issues. All museum related topics are acceptable for posting and discussion at this time.
Languages: English
Museophile forums
The Museophile discussion forums facility allows general discussion and announcements about museum-related issues and events via a web-based interface. Sections include announcements, conferences, events, jobs, news, websites, Virtual Library museums pages, and an electronic version of a column that appears in New Heritage magazine. Comments may be attached by readers to any information that is posted. Languages: Mainly English but any language allowed.
National Initiative for Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH - USA), Digitization of cultural heritage; mostly announcements of events, publications, calls, etc. Languages: English.
Webhead-L is an online forum for the discussion of interactive science museum exhibits and exhibits issues.