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Preservation Administration Discussion Group Languages: English
This list will enable discussion amongst those engaged or interested in research into the conservation of objects, works of art or buildings, encouraging the sharing of ideas and experiences, and the exchange of views on the development of national & international conservation research aims
The list is intended for those with an interest in masonry research and the use of masonry in civil engineering and building construction. It will be useful for researchers- experimental, computational and analytical, structural engineers, architects and manufacturers of masonry products
Australian Conservation Mailing List
The Australian Conservation Mailing List (OzCons) is a list for those interested in the conservation and preservation of cultural material, particularly within Australia.
Lista de discusion conserva-lista: congrega profesionales Iberoamericanos y demas interesados, en un forum electronico para la discusion de problemas, tecnicas, historia, materiales y eventos relacionados a la conservacion/restauracion de bienes culturales, en Portugues y Espanol.
Conservation DistList
Conservation DistList is a moderated discussion group which deals with issues involving the conservation of cultural materials. Contributions and queries are usually posted by e-mail in English.
DigiCULT Forum
DigiCULT.Info is a quarterly electronic journal presenting news, interviews, and issues related to cultural heritage: developing projects and initiatives, use of technologies and standards, and expertise and experiences of cultural heritage professionals.
SMRforum is for the circulation of information and general discussion of issues relating to Sites and Monuments Records. SMRforum will enable academics and students to keep in touch with the latest developments and opportunities within the cultural heritage management community.
HERITAGE is a discussion list for academic and industry researchers investigating all aspects of heritage, tourism, museum and cultural management. This list is a forum for sharing experiences and exchanging information.
ICOM-CC Wood and Furniture Working Group
ICOM-CC-W&F-WG covers all areas of wood such as wooden objects, wooden furniture, ethnographic wood (totem poles etc) wood technology, archeological wood and wood science. It also covers all areas of lacquer and related materials etc. It built up of professionals, specialists, conservators, scientists, curators, technicians and other professionals, who are working or interested in conservation and restoration of wood, furniture, lacquer and related materials and actively collaborate, study and promote the conservation and analysis of culturally and historically significant works.
Mailing List dell'Istituto Centrale per il Restauro
Informazioni via e-mail sugli aggiornamenti del sito, sulle iniziative e sulle pubblicazioni dell'Istituto Centrale per il Restauro.
Museum Conservation Discussion List
This list is operated by ICOM-CC, the International Committee for Conservation within the International Council of Museums (ICOM). It is used both for the general discussion of issues relevant to museum conservation and for ICOM-CC's business purposes. Languages: English
Museum Security
The Museum Security Network is a not-for-profit free service
On-Line Mailing and Discussion Lists
The DistList is probably the most comprehensive on-line forum concerned with conservation aspects. Contributions and queries are usually posted by e-mail in English and there are more than 6000 participants from 72 countries.
Restauration Conservation des oeuvres
Le Monde de la restauration et de la conservation des œuvres d'art : peintures, sculptures d’art.
Textiles Conservation Discussion List
Textile Conservation. Health and safety information; Suppliers/products, but not advertisements; Literature citations; Exhibition announcements; Courses, symposia, and seminar announcements; Position and intern announcements; Other topics that affect communication among textile conservators and the textile conservation profession.
Languages: English
The Infrared Reflectography DistList
The IRRdistlist will provide an online forum for individuals working with infrared reflectography to share technical information, ask and answer questions regarding equipment, methods and analysis, and announce events and discoveries of interest to the participants.
Yahoo - Gruppo Restauro
Forum Restauro e Conservazione. Approfondimenti tecnici inerenti la conservazione, il restauro e la manutenzione sia degli edifici monumentali che dell'edilizia diffusa dei centri storici.
Yahoo! Groups : ArtConservation
The purpose of this group is to encourage discussion and the interchange of information on the conservation of artistic and cultural works. It is intended for general information only - specific conservation issues almost always need to be addressed with a professional conservator.
For the discussion of all aspects of archaeo-metallurgy and the dissemination of data related to all aspects of ancient metallurgy and metal artefacts: the applications of material science to archaeo- metallurgy, and the development of methodologies to the study archaeo-metallurical debris.