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AICCM- Australian Institute for the Conservation
In Australia, the national organization for conservators and people interested in the preservation of the nation's heritage is the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material Inc. (AICCM). Conservation covers the related activities of preservation and restoration and concerns the maintenance and safety of cultural material. The term "Cultural Material" refers to all types of objects, ranging from the purely functional through to the purely decorative. Itencompasses all items of historic, aesthetic, sentimental and monetary value.
Auckland's Cultural Heritage
The role of the Auckland Regional Council in preserving and protecting Auckland's historic and cultural heritage, including historic buildings and structures, archaeological sites, historic trees, wahi tapu, and other places significant to Maori.
Australian Heritage Commission
Australian Heritage Commissions home page providing access to the databases, publications and information produced by the AHC.
Cultural Heritage Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland
Cultural heritage in Queensland is based on aspects of our past that we want to keep, appreciate and enjoy today and to pass on to future generations.
Dept. of Conservation-New Zealand
In this section you can find out about the Department of Conservation's work in conserving New Zealand's special places and flora and fauna. This includes the work being done to save native species, protecting offshore islands and mainland habitats and marine and coastal conservation. You can also find information on the Department's responsibilities for historic and international conservation as well as the role of science and research.
Heritage Council Victoria
Site of the Heritage Council Victoria. Heritage Victoria is the government body responsible for Historic Buildings and Gardens, and Maritime and Historical Archaeological Sites within Victoria, Australia.
Heritage Ministers Council
The Heritage Ministers Council in Australia includes representatives from States, Territories and the Commonwealth. It meets annually with the objective of improving outcomes for the community through more coordinated measures to protect, conserve and utilise Australia's heritage places.
New Zealand Historic Places Trust
The Historic Places Trust Pouhere Taonga is the leading agency for the protection of sites and buildings in New Zealand that are of historic and cultural significance to its peoples.