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Aestonian Ministry of Culture
Site of Aestonian Ministry of Culture.
Central Laboratory for Restoration
The Central Laboratory for Restoration and Conservation in Istanbul was established by the Turkish Ministry of Culture in 1985 concerning the richness and the state of the vast Historic and cultural heritage present in Turkey.
Centre of Cultural Heritage
Site of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania
Culture Heritage office-Slovenia
Site of office of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia Republic.
Exhibit Conservation Dept. - Russia
The Exhibit Conservetion Department of The State Russian Museum was founded in 1922, and now have thirteen laboratories of all kinds of museum's objects conservation and seventy three conservators.
Institute for Protection and Preservatio
Site of the Institute for protection and Preservation of Monuments of Culture of Republic of Serbia.
Institute for Protection of cultural Monuments
Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments was founded in 1948 as Institute for Protection and Scientific Research of Cultural Monuments and Natural Rarities with headquarters in Cetinje; its mission was to work on finding,studying, collecting and conservation of cultural monuments and natural rarities of Montenegro.
Minister of Culture-Czech republic
Home page of Cezch Ministry of culture.
Ministry of Culture - Karelia
Site of Ministry of Culture of Karelia.
Ministry of Culture - Romania
Site of Romanian Ministry of Culture.
Ministry of Culture of Lithuania
Site of Ministry of Culture of Lithuania.
Ministry of Culture of Turkey
Site of the turkish ministry of Culture.
Ministry of National Culture Heritage
Site of the Hungarian Ministry of National Cultural Heritage.
Moldova's Ministry of Culture
The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova promotes the state policy in the field of culture and provides for the: working of the selection mechanism of cultural values, protection and utilization of the mobile and immobile cultural state patrimony, supporting and spurring the authentic talents; inclusion of valuable artistic works in the national and international circuit with a view to promotion and development of the national art and culture; distribution of financial and technical means and their utilization for cultural purposes; encouragement of the private initiative in the field of culture and art.
National Council of Conservation-Restoration
The NCCR is responsible for the Professional Accreditation of Conservator-Restorers (PACR) and collaborates with the UKIC in the operation of the Conservation Register.
PACR is the UK-based accreditation scheme which includes members of the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation, the Institute for Paper Conservation and the Society of Archivists.
Restoration Centre - Georgia
he Restoration Center of Architectural Heritage of Georgia was established in 1978. Center is a group of representatives of different specialties, such as architects-conservators, restorers, chemistry technologies, art historians, engineers, etc. Their qualification and rich professional experience provides high quality of the Restoration Center's activities.
State of the Environment Norway
A country's cultural heritage includes all traces of human activity in the physical environment. These are irreplaceable sources of information on people's lives and activities, and on the historical development of artistic and technical skills. Because monuments and sites and cultural environments are non-renewable resources, their management must be based on a long-term perspective. Cultural monuments and sites are a source of emotional and aesthetic experience for many people, and modern society can benefit from the preservation and active use of its heritage.
Swedish National Council of Cultural Aff
The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs is responsible for implementing national cultural policy determined by the government and parliament. The National Council for Cultural Affairs was founded in 1974.