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the 1st international conference on urban heritage in the Islamic Countries, to be honored by HM King Abdullah Al Saud during April 18-23 in Riyadh, 2010.
Cultural heritage-South / North Korea
Site of Cultural heritage of republic of korea.
Cultural property administration -Korea
The Cultural Properties Planning Division plans and coordinates the basic management plan of the Office of Cultural properties, establishes and manages budget and monitors progress of cultural properties conservation programs and analyses the result of the programs.It also deals with the matter of statics and overall coordination of the programs and projects, international interchange of cultural properties, also interchange between South and North Korea and world cultural heritage.
Delhi Institute of Heritage Research & Management (DIHRM), established by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi and affiliated to the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha Vishwavidyalaya, is a unique institution in India devoted to study, conservation and preservation of the heritage. Archaeological monuments, arts and crafts, oral and written literature, living tradition, natural features and environment are all part of our heritage.
Heritage Conservation Centre-Singapore
The Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC), the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, is a custom-built home developed by the National Heritage Board for the Historic treasures of Singapore and Singapore's first centralised heritage conservation laboratories.
Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO) established in 1985 by joining the following 11 organizations, offices and centers. ICHO was first affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, but in 1993 its management was transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in order to provide better coherence and coordination in its management and raise the efficiency of its performance.
Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization
Iranian cultural heritage organization
Japan's Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage
The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has actively promoted international cooperation for the preservation of cultural heritages through international campaigns for safeguarding cultural heritage. Japan has extended financial support and technical assistance to these campaigns for the Abu Simbel temple in Nubia (Egypt), the Borobudur temple (Indonesia), and the Moenjodaro archaeological site (Pakistan).
Kurdistan Regional Government
News, progress reports, reference material and cultural features from the The Kurdistan Regional Goverment.
MITA-Ministry of information and the Art
Site of Ministry of information and the art of Singapore.
Ministry of Culture - Korea
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea has worked to effectively improve the quality of life in Korea, to promote the culture and tourism industries in the globalization process, and to make Korea more competitive in international sports. The ministry has also striven for national and cultural reunification
Ministry of Culture-Brunei
Site of Ministry of Culture of Brunei Sultanat.
Ministry of Culture-Malaysia
Site of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Malaysia.
Ministry of Education, Science, Sports
Site of Japanese Ministry of Culture.
National Heritage Board - Singapore
The National Heritage Board preserves, presents and promotes the cultural heritage of Singapore. We encourage the preservation of national monuments, develop heritage programmes, mark historic sites and provide consultancy services to organisations who wish to perpetuate our heritage.
National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo.
Institute Information
National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property,Lucknow(India
National Research Laboratory for conservation of cultural property in india is the leader in conservation of cultural articles.
Office of the National Culture Commissio
Office of the National Culture Commission, Ministry of Education of Thailandia, is responsible for the national cultural policy. The Office encourages cultural studies and researches, promotes Thai culture as well as organizes various kinds of activities and workshops both at national and international level to enhance cultural exchanges.
Research Institute of Cultural property
The Tokyo National Research Institute of Cultural Properties was originally founded in 1930 as the Art Research Institute with an endowment bequested by the late Viscount KURODA Seiki, former president of the Academy of Art. It was, then, reorganized in 1952 into the Tokyo National Research Institute of Cultural Properties with the establishment of its Departments of Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Conservation Science, and General Affairs. The Department of Restoration Techniques was added in 1973.