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DACST- Dept. of Art, Culture
The Department in SouthAfrica will support: The arts, culture and heritage, by valuing diversity and promoting economic activity. The equitable development and preservation, conservation, protection, promotion and making known of our collective history, national symbols and heritage.
Egyptian Ministry of Culture
Webpage on Egyptian Ministry of Culture.
Ministry of Art & Culture-Mauritius
Site of Ministry of Art & Culture of Republic of Mauritius.
NMC - National Monuments Council
The National Monuments Council (NMC)in South-Africa is a statutory organisation established under the National Monuments Act (Act 28 of 1969) as the administrative body responsible for the protection of the country's cultural and Historic heritage. The Council consists of a Chairperson and a minimum of seven members appointed by the Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology. Members serve on the Council for a period of three years, and may be reappointed.
Swaziland National Trust Commission - Index to Cultural Resources
Index to Swaziland National Trust Commission information on conservation of cultural heritage, including the National Museum, monuments and archaeology.