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ARCH _ Action Research in Conservation of Heritage_ is working for awareness and conservation of built heritage in India through research documentation, writing articles, training and publication. Conducts heritage walks since 1997
Association of Town Centre Management
The UK's prime unifying force for the vast range of private, public and community sector interests that interact with the management, improvement and promotion of the town centre environment.
Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo
AGSS operates, since 1991,in coordination with leading public institutions, both national and international,to stimulate and widen cultural-historic and technical-scientific on conservation problems of different cultural realities.
Associazione no profit Forum Restauro@Conservazione
Sito dell'Associazione no profit Forum Restauro@Conservazione
Bagatti Valsecchi Foundation
The Bagatti Valsecchi Museumhoused in Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, in the heart of Milan, is one of the finestmuseum-homes in Europe. It is now a private foundation, set up by the Bagatti Valsecchi heirs to open the family's late 19th century residence and collections of artworks to the public. It is also a centre for research, organizing courses, seminars and conferences. Its publications focus onvarious facets of 19th century culture.
Buddhist Heritage
Site for exploration of forgotten Buddhist Sites in India. ExploringSites of Bihar, Invites Universities Globally for Research and Exploration......
Centre of Cultural Heritage - Introduction
The Centre of Cultural Heritage, is an non-governmental Organisation for the public benefit.According to its constitution, the Centre offers services in the followingmain fields: conservation, preservation and promotion of Cyprus' cultural heritage and its artisticwealth spanning from the 9th millenium B.C. to the 20th century A.D., records, research,study, architectural conservation, landscaping, the creation of Museums, the conservation of works of art, especially icons and iconostases, consultative studies for the protectionand exploitation of the heritage of whole communities or areas, the enhancementand promotion of the cultural heritage of Cyprus through publications,exhibitions, seminars, lectures, educational programmes, especially forchildren, and consultations for cultural tourism.
Centro Studi Giuseppe Terragni
Il Centro Studi Terragni č impegnato a perseguire la valorizzazione e la conoscenza dell’architettura moderna italiana, a tal fine ha giŕ da qualche tempo avviato la catalogazione sistematica di tutti i documenti disponibili della vasta produzione architettonica, artistica e culturale di Terragni, ha inoltre predisposto la costituzione dell’Archivio Giuseppe Terragni
Cornerstones Community Partnerships of New Mexico
Cornerstones Community Partnerships, a Santa Fe-based non-profit organization, works primarily with rural Hispanic villages and Indian Pueblos in New Mexico and the southwest to restore historic structures.
Cultural Heritage Georgia
Georgia-the owner of the odlest culture... Preservation, restoration and conservation works.
Cultural Heritage without Borders
The Foundation's aim is to work towards creating public awareness and involvement in our common cultural heritage in the world. Restoration work. Seminars and courses
Cultural Heritage without Borders
The Foundation for Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) was established April 19th 1995. The idea had emerged from discussions held about Unesco’s work to review the 1954 Hague convention on the protection of cultural heritage in war and came to fruition in the aim to create a voluntary organisation that could work in the field, when cultural heritage was endangered by catastrophes.
CyArk - 3d Heritage Archive Network
A prototype project to test the concept of archiving new "high definition" survey information of endangered world heritage sites. The new site surveys were made using laser scanning and state of the art survey and imaging methods.
Fondazione MB
The Montanelli Bassi Foundation in Fucecchio is instituted in 1987, by free-will of Indro Montanelli.One Foundation's aim among the others is to promote iniziative for preservation and valorization of Fucecchio's culturalheritage.
Fondazione del Monte
La Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna č nata il 15 luglio 1991, a seguito della fusione tra la Banca del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna e la Cassa di Risparmio di Modena. La Fondazione contribuisce alla salvaguardia ed allo sviluppo del patrimonio artistico e culturale, ed al sostegno della ricerca scentifica attraverso la definizione di propri programmi e progetti di intervento da realizzare direttamente o con la collaborazione di altri soggetti pubblici o privati.
Institute of Paper Conservation
The Institute of Paper Conservation (IPC) is the leading organisation devoted solely to the conservation of paper and related materials. Its objective is the advancement of the craft and science of paper conservation both within the profession and in terms of public awareness.
Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
As a leader in environmental research, Manomet's work has been the catalyst to building science-based solutions to environmental problems and conserving natural resources for the benefit of wildlife and human populations throughout the Americas.
Michelucci Foundation
The Michelucci foundation instituted by G. Michelucci in 1982 has the aim to contribute to researches and studies in urbanistic, modern and contemporary architecture fields. The foundation attend also to the relatioship in Historic town beetween conservation e transformation processes.
Minerva Partners, Inc., Home
Minerva Partners, Inc. is a nonprofit consulting group working internationally to support cultural heritage conservation programs that strengthen local communities. By providing strategic planning and project packaging services, Minerva Partners, Inc. helps communities launch sustainable conservation programs that protect, rehabilitate, and interpret their valued buildings, sites, districts, and landscapes.
Museo Bagatti Valsecchi - The Museum
The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum of Milan, Italy. Home Page

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