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Cultural Heritage Preservation-Foundatio
The Foundation for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Slovack Republic was established in 1995 under the sponsorship of theUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
Monuments of Curacao, the official website of the Curacao Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation.
La Fondazione Gerace si occupa di formazione e attività nazionale e internazionale finalizzata alla conservazione del patrimonio architettonico e ambientale
Iranian Cultural Heritage Foundation
Cultural Heritage Foundation is a non-profit entity affiliated with the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization.
The MoWIC is a non-profit organization committed to scientific research and conservation of the cultural heritage of the Netherlands West India Company. But also how the WIC heritage could play a stimulating role in society today.
Promotion of Monuments in Curaçao (PROMO)
The Foundation for the promotion of Monuments in Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) in short PROMO tries to preserve, conserve and maintain historical buildings in Curaçao. By organizing activities such as Open Monuments Days, the foundation tries to grow awareness and appreciation under the local population for their cultural heritage in the form of buildings of the past. Furthermore, the foundation promotes the enhancement of local historical rural and municipal sites.
The Getty Conservation Institute Home Page
The Institute works internationally to advance the conservation of objects, collections, architecture, and sites.