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Istituto culturale del Comune di Bergamo, l'Accademia Carrara, fondata nel 1796 dal Conte Giacomo Carrara nella duplice specie di Scuola di Pittura e Collezione d'Arte
Coleccion de arte africano
Coleccion de arte negro tribal africano y exposicion permanente de culturas africanas en el museo de la Fundacion Cristobal Gabarron en Valladolid. Espaņa
Cultural Heritage
HERITAGE č una realtā che intende intraprendere un processo per la salvaguardia del nostro Patrimonio Culturale.
Delineavit et Sculpsit
The foundation is a non-commercial organisation conforming to Dutch law and aims at publishing the homonomous periodical as well as books related to Dutch and Flemish Old Master prints and drawings until around 1850. The foundation is closely connected to the Print Room of Leiden University, where most of the board members have graduated or received their Ph.D. in art history. The foundation is hosted by the Print Room at Rapenburg 65, the most magnificent of the historic town houses along the famous canal in the centre of Leiden, neighbouring the historic site of the University founded in 1575 by William of Orange.
Ettore Pomarici Santomasi Foundation
The Foundation was instituted in 1920 by will of Ettore Pomarici Santomasi Baron.The foundation is constituted in to three section: archives, Museum, Library.
Finnish Cultural foundation
The Finnish Cultural Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation established in 1939 for the advancement of Finnish culture.
Fondazione Internazionale Cesare Gnudi
The Cesare Gnudi Foundation in Bologna (Institute for Diagnostic and experimentation, for conservation and restauration of cultural property) was instituted in 1986, in the name of the promoter of the scientific laboratory, initial nucleos of the future foundation. The activity's foundation is mainly referred to the technical-scientific restore's area.
Ian Potter Conservation Centre
The Ian Potter Conservation Centre is a unique facility in Australia, providing care and conservation for the vast collections of cultural material belonging to the University. The Centre also provides teaching support for academic programs, undertakes conservation research, and offers a fee-for-service facility for the wider community.
Istituto Italiano per l'Arte l'Artigianato e il Restauro
L'Istituto opera in Roma nel campo della conservazione e del restauro dei beni culturali con specifica specializzazione nel settore della formazione professionale per il restauro dei dipinti su tela, tavola ed opere lignee policrome e dipinti murali.
Memmo Foundation
The foundation, instituted in 1972 by Roberto Memmo, has the aim to propagate the study of art and culture.
Prints After Poussin (Research at the Getty)
A digital collection of 17th-century prints after Nicolas Poussin from the collections of the Getty Research Institute.
The Edward James Foundation
The Edward James Foundation is a registered educational charitable trust borned to the aim to preserve and teach the arts in their widest sense.
Works by Cristobal Gabarron
Collection of works by spanish artist Cristobal Gabarron at the museum of the Cristobal Gabarron Foundation, Valladolid (Spain)
Zaman Gallery
Zaman Jassim Painter from Saudi Arabia apstract painting and contemporary art work