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An Anthology of X-ray or SR Techniques Applicable to Archaeometry
This page lists presentations, papers or web links to techniques that the webmaster finds promising or just interesting food for thought. More general material on SR applications can be found at the DARTS website. Suggestions for other suitable material are welcome.
Analisi per i Beni Cluturali
Analisi e prove fisiche, chimiche, meccaniche e tecnologiche per i beni culturali.Interpretazione e analisi dei dati sperimentali.
Ashmolean Museum - Conservation Investigation
Modern technology has provided the conservation profession with a range of sophisticated aids to assist in the task of preservation of our cultural heritage.
Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing
Non-Destructive Techniques Used in Materials Conservation.
CEDAD, Centro di Datazione e Diagnostica
CEDAD is the new established facility of the University of Lecce dedicated to Accelerator Mass Spectrometry radiocarbon dating, and ion beam analysis.
CMA4CH 2006
The world is multivariate! In order to be significant, diagnostic data on Environment & Cultural Heritage must be multivariate. Conference aims is to favour the meeting of researchers, experts, connoisseurs on chemometry applied to these research fields.
COST Action G8 Non-destructive testing
Non-destructive testing for cultural heritage.
Computerized industrial tomography
Some Aspects Concerning the 2d and 3d Computerized Tomography Applied in Non-Destructive Testing.
Enea per il Patrimonio Culturale
Sito ufficiale dell'ENEA per il patrimonio culturale.
The Infrared and Raman Users Group (IRUG) Spectral Database facilitates development/exchange of reliable IR/Raman spectra for study of the world’s cultural heritage. View Database (1250 spectra), Group (est. 1993)/meeting details at
Laboratories on Science and Technology for the conservation of European Cultural Heritage
Laser Interferometry and Holography
Laser Interferometry and Holography are well-established, highly sensitive techniques for non-destructive testing and analysis. These techniques can be usefully applied in the field of Historical and Cultural Heritage conservation, for reconstruction of 3D structure of the object under observation and its deformation under stress.
Laser-based techniques
COST Action: Artwork Conservation by Laser has been set up to address challenges in three main areas: Laser systems for investigation and diagnosis; Laser systems for real-time monitoring of environmental pollution; Laser Systems for cleaning applications.
Le Lerm
Le Lerm est un laboratoire et une société d'études et de conseil en matériaux de construction, ouvrages (BTP/Génie Civil, bétons...) et Monuments Historiques : pathologies, restauration, traitement des pierres, polychromies...
Non-Destructive Investigations by Robert Demaus
Article: Non-Destructive Investigations by Robert Demaus
Non-destructive Ion Beam
Ion Beam Analysis of Art Objects - Forschungszentrum Rossendorf
Nuova pagina 3
Nuovo gruppo romano formato da cnr università strutture e aziende private
Technologies - Conservation, Sculpture Conservation, Conservators. Non-Destructive Chemical Analysis

Strategy for Science-Based Archaeology
NERC Research Funding.
Synchrotron SOLEIL
The bibliography reference database of synchrotron techniques applied to cultural heritage research maintained by the SOLEIL interface for heritage

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