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ABEM Instrument AB
ABEM - In business since 1923 - is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of geophysical instruments.
AME is a materials engineering firm that specializes in evaluating construction and construction-related materials. AME’s tasks include consulting, investigations, forensic analysis, determining the cause of material failures and assessing as-built construction details of historic and new buildings.
Advance Scientific & Chemical
Laboratory Supplies Beakers, Glassware, Balances, Hotplates, Stirrers, Microscopes, pH meters, Hydrometers, Thermometers, Centrifuges, Bunsen Burners, Refractometers, and more.
Alfatech - Genova
L'alfatech di Genova si occupa dal 1985 della commercializzazione di strumentazioni utilizzate nel campo delle analisi chimico-fisiche-mineralogiche (Diffrattometri,Cromatografi, Sistemi per titolazione e per il trattamento dei campioni).
Analytical Spectral Devices
Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD) designs, manufactures and markets the world's only portable, scalable, high performance, lab quality Near-Infrared (NIR) instruments for use in Earth Sciences and Industrial Analytical applications. Our focus and expertise is providing material identification and characterization in a variety of environments using portable NIR instrumentation. ASD products are used worldwide in more than 35 countries, in unique applications requiring portability, fast response, laboratory-grade precision, or a combination of these characteristics.
Applied Geomechanics Inc.
Industria specializzata nella produzione di inclinometri (atti a misurare le inclinazioni di una superficie) di precisione con o senza GPS.
Assign s.p.a.
We produce portable X-Ray diffractometers and fluorescence spectrometers, application software for engine test rooms, etc. We distribute, install and provide technical assistance for : LEO electron microscopes Oxford, X-Ray microanalysis, Rigaku diffractometers, etc.
Bartington Instruments Fluxgate Magnetometers and Magnetic Susceptibility System
Bartington Instruments fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers, single and three-axis magnetic field sensors and a magnetic susceptibility system for laboratory, field and borehole applications.
Bruker Spectrospin - Canada Ltd.
Bruker entered the field of FT-IR spectroscopy in 1974. The early instruments focused on the high end research applications providing systems with evacuated optics benches, very high resolution capabilities and the ability to automatically change ranges.
Distribuitore di apparecchiature per indagini non distruttive (inclinometri e Georadar) impiegati nella diagnostica strutturale.
Controls srl
Solutions for Testing - CONTROLS is one of the main manufacturer of testing equipment for the construction industry; is a quality company certified to UNI EN ISO 9001: 1994 - Certificate No. LRC 160150.
Custom Scientific Instruments Inc.
Custom Scientific Instruments specializes in physical test instrumentation. Including testers for flammability, polymers, textiles, paper, and fiber optic cable testing.
Dehumidifiers by Mitsubishi MJ-E100PX MJ-100P-E1 Portable. Dampness Humidity Mon
Suppliers of Dehumidifiers including Mitsubishi MJ-E100PX, MJ-100P-E1 and Portable too. Dampness and Humidity Monitoring and Control. Dehumidifiers that fight Dampness Condensation, Mould, Mildew, Asthma
Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter
Digtial photoelectric colorimeter easy to use LED light source ideal for education and routine lab work
Dionex Corporation
Manufactures and sells HPLC,ion chromatography, microLC, & accelerated solvent extraction systems, mass spectrometric & photodiode array detectors,software,reversed-phase & ion exchange columns.
Strumenti Topografici,Strumenti per Ingegneria e Collaudo, Sistemi laser per Edilizia, Software per Topografia, Sistemi GPS, Strumenti per Geologia, Strumenti per misure Ambientali e Forestali.
Rilievi topografici, livellazioni,strumenti di collaudo, accessori per l'edilizia e l'agrimensura.
FKV Italia- Bergamo
La societā con attivitā a Bergamo dal 1974, opera in qualitā di agenti esclusivi per l'Italia di Societā produttrici di strumentazione tecnica e scientifica ad elevato livello tecnologico.
Geophysical instruments for subsurface investigations: seismographs, magnetometers, and electromagnetic. Geophysical surveys for looking beneath the surface of the earth.

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