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ABEM Instrument AB
ABEM - In business since 1923 - is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of geophysical instruments.
Construction lasers & machine control systems
Bartington Instruments
Bartington Instruments fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers, single and three-axis magnetic field sensors and a magnetic susceptibility system for laboratory, field and borehole applications.
Bruker - Germany
The Bruker BioSpin NMR Group has made numerous developments for our line of AVANCE spectrometers.
Digilab: Manufacturers of analytical instruments & systems based on infrared technology. (spectrometer, spectroscopy, microscopy, Routine FTIR
ERA Technology Ltd
ERA Technology Ltd, international technological consultancy organisation, our main services are Software Systems Integration, Communications and Sensor Solutions and Asset Management Solutions
Earth Science Systems Limited
Sale, rental & repair of geophysical & NDT instrumentation for Minerals & Hydrocarbon Exploration, Site Investigation & Contamination, Agricultural & Archaeological Investigations

Electronics company
Electronics company manufacturer of georadar gpr system 12
Fat Quarters Software and Electronics
Fat Quarters Software and Electronics distributors of Speake & Co. sensors.
Geophysical instruments for subsurface investigations: seismographs, magnetometers, and electromagnetic
Geonics Limited
Geophisical instrumentation for exploration & the environment
Geophysical Survey Solutions
Geophysical Survey Solutions provider, ground penetrating radar hardware and geophysical and positioning software
Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.
Geophysical Survey Systems is the world leader in Ground Penetrating Radar for over 30 years
Geoscan Research
Geoscan Research designs and manufactures geophysical instrumentation for both professional and amateur use. Although primarily for archaeological use, our products are also used increasingly in other areas including environmental, forensics, geological, civil engineering and peace-time military applications.
Geosoft Inc.
Geosoft Inc. develops PC based geophysical software processing, mapping and interpretation software and custom services for environmental, earth science, mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration, and uxo applications.
Your meeting point for modular optical spectroscopy
Infrasense, Inc
Leading Non-Destructive Analysis. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Infrared Thermography (IR,)Seismic/Vibrations/Ultrasonic and Impact Echo Testing. Imaging and Image Processing

Interpex Limited
Specialists in PC Based Geophysical Software for 1D, 2D forward and inverse modeling.
KOSI - Raman Products
Manufacturer of Raman analyzer for process monitoring, Raman spectrometer for reaction monitoring, Raman microscope for chemical imaging, and holographic notch filter for laser line rejection
Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems solutions and systems for positioning, surveying, mapping, navigation,industrial measurement,defense and security, machine guidance, cadastral, construction, photogrammetry, mining and engineering,and other surveying and measurement applications. Measuring systems include high precision GPS, total stations,theodolites, levels, GIS, software, aerial cameras and hand held measurement devices.

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