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Arc Nucleart
Rayonnement gamma, irradiation, résine styrène polyester, désinfection, désinsectisation, polyéthylène glycol, lyophilisation, imprégnation, consolidation, traitement, méthode nucléart, étude et recherche
Un'azienda di servizi finalizzati nalla Valorizzazione, Conservazione, Gestione e Formazione dei Beni Culturali.
Attrezzature per la deumidificazione
Costruzione di pompe da iniezione per la deumidificazione
CBR Restauri
Restoration and conservation works on artistic, historic and architectural assets
Consorzio Glossa
University of Naples (Italy) and Selfin SpA teamed up to create a structure specialized in ICT applications for cultural heritage
Disaster Planning
Restoration water fire damaged books papers files documents odor removal non chemical pest control.
EXPM Lda. is an engineering company specialized in ANOXIA TREATMENTS and INTEGRATED PEST CONTROL SERVICES FOR ARCHIVES AND LIBRARIES. Specialized Contractors for National Archives and Library since 1997.
Environmental Building Solutions Ltd.
EBS provides independent scientific advice and analysis on building health problems, fungal and insect pests, and damp problems in buildings, bridges, ships, jetties, and other landmarks.
Filippini Massimo Sabbiatura Verniciatura Restauro Bedizzole Brescia
Pulitura non aggressiva in edilizia,sabbiatura a bassa pressione,pulitura stabili d'epoca,pulitura facciate artistiche di monumenti,pulitura travi in legno,antiche volte in mattoni,pareti in pietra e pavimenti in cotto,verniciature edili.Limpieza no agresiva de la construcción,arenado a baja presión,limpieza de edificios antiguos,fachadas artistícas y monumentos Limpieza de travesaños de madera,bovedas antiguas de ladrillos,paredes de pietra y pavimentos de cotto,pinturas de la construcción e industriales
Harraseeket Roofing & Restoration
Harraseeket Roofing & Restoration specializes in the design installation repair and maintenance of slate copper and tile roofing systems. Steeple, clock tower and lighthouse restoration and reconstruction.
HisGIS CH Management
Project management, in particular for cultural and natural heritage projects. Conceptual work and editing of strategies and project briefs.World Heritage nominations. Research activities on CH
Historic Wallpapering Specialties
Specialize in the installation and restoration of historic wallpaper.
Impressions in Stone: Masonry Contractor
Impressions in Stone masonry contractor: Masonry work to the highest standard with highly skilled masons
Leeland's Slate Roof Repair & Steeple Specialties
Leeland's Slate Roofing Company installs and repairs slate roofs, repairs steeples, and performs quality work.
MG lucidatura pavimenti
Realizziamo pavimenti in cocciopesto romano e intonaci antichi con al collaborazione del prof arch Massimo Ricci di Firenze
McKay Lodge Inc. - Fine Art Conservation Center
A Center for Art Conservation located in Oberlin, Ohio. Outdoor Sculpture, Monuments, Historic Fountains, Painted Steel Sculpture, Paintings, Murals, Art and Documents on Paper.
Norman & Underwood
Glass merchanting and processing (including a specialist stained glass
division), metal roofing and cladding specialists, plumbers merchants,
bathroom and kitchen supplies
Disinfezione, disinfestazione sottovuoto in autoclave mobile con bromuro di metile per legno (mobili, cornici, statue policrome), carta (archivi, biblioteche, libri antichi, stampe, disegni), tessuti (tappeti, arazzi).
The Lighthouse Consultant LLC.
The Lighthouse Consultant - 40 years experience in the restoration, repair and maintenance of classical Fresnel lighthouse lenses and clockworks and lantern room restoration
ZFB - Zentrum für Bucherhaltung GmbH
The Service Centre for Stock Preservation for Libraries, Archives and Museums