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Antique Fabric Cleaning, textile conservation, Norfolk, UK
Antique Fabric Cleaning is a skilful process involving great care taken at each stage of cleaning old textiles including rugs, shawls, curtains, clothing, ecclesiastical vestments.
Conservation of Textiles
Textiles found in Danish soil are usually brown, muddy and decomposed. Most of the finds are waterlogged wool. They used to be dried in air without special precautions. The result is that particles of dirt and earth cannot now be removed and the threads are flat and stiff.
Testfabrics, Inc.
Textiles For: Quilting, Dyeing, Painting, Stenciling, Conservation
Textile conservation
Documentation Cleaning to Remove Soil, Discoloration and Stains Reinforcing Fragile Textiles Disinfection Conservation of Waterlogged Canvas and Rope Silicone Oil Treatment of Waterlogged Textiles and Rope Storage
The site of Albion Conservation Consultancy, an International Preventive and Tex
The site of Albion Conservation Consultancy, a Textile and Preventive conservation consultancy providing collections care and environmental solutions to Historic properties; Textile conservation and environmental services and documentation leading to funding.