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Accelerated Aging of Paper
A new accelerated aging test has been developed taht is faster than current tests.
Bresciani s.r.l.
Materials and Equipments for paper restoration and Conservation
Centro Fotoriproduzione Legatoria Restauro
Sito web del Centro di Fotoriproduzione, legatoria e Restauro degli Archivi di Stato.
Commission on Preservation and Access
Information Sources on Scientific Research Related to the Preservation of Books, Paper and adhesives
Dust, Book, lung Cancer,Heart Attack,library,Allergy
Pest control and conservation for museum objects and library materials without use of toxic chemicals. Books cleaning automatic machine.
EXPM Lda. Anoxic Pest Control
EXPM is an engineering company with expertise in specialized equipments for insect eradication and Pest Control in collections. EXPM ANOXIA DISINFESTATIONS SYSTEMS are inert gas based. EXPM provides construction, installation and training worlwide.
FUZ Biotech Biological Indicators
Self-comtaimed E.O. steam Biologicd Indicators, Mini-Imcubators, for sterilization Validation.
Griffen Mill
IUB Libraries
Indiana University Bloomington Libraries. Preservation Department Manual
Lamination guidelines
Artwork Preservation Project Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution. "Guidelines for the Care of Works on Paper with Cellulose Acetate Lamination"
Library of Congress
The Deterioration and Preservation of Paper: Some Essential Facts
Northeast Document Conservation Center
Paper Conservation
Northeast Document Conservation Center
Preservation of library & archival materials: a manual
Preservation Equipment Ltd
Provider of materials and equipment for conservation and preservation of archives and works of art.
Reinassance Chemical Ltd. - UK
Renaissance Chemicals Ltd was founded to develop and supply products for specialist applications in the Paper, Paper Conservation, Textile and Related Industries.
SIS Disinfestazioni
Disinfestazione di opere d'arte e manufatti di pregio spolveratura di libri antichi e trattamento di scaffalature lignee
Simon Green
Information about papers, moulds and felts made or used by Barcham Green at Hayle Mill, Maidstone, England. Also includes information about the archives.