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Bronze Restorations - Specialists in all metal refurbishing and maintenance cont
Specialists in a wide range of metal refurbishments, treatments, finishes and maintenance contracts. Quality workmanship, reliability and integrity. Included in the Conservation Register.
Cortec Corporation
Cortec supplies innovative corrosion protection solutions to the petrochemical, metalworking, electronics/electrical, utility, construction, military/government, marine, basic metals, automotive and equipment maintenance markets.
Cortec Corporation
Cortec supplies innovative corrosion protection solutions. They have a wide range of products to prevent corrosion on metals painted or unpainted surfaces. They may be able to suggest the best product and send you samples for you to conduct tests.
Cutlery Specialties
Renaissance Wax - the #1 wax for restoration, preservation and conservation.
Dougan Metal Polishing
Complete Metal Polishing Metal Restoration. Brass Polishing Brass Finishing Chrome Polishing Chrome Finishing Chrome Plating Buffing Deburring Lacquer Coatings Electroplating Powder Coating Grinding Silver & Gold Plating Stainless Steel Sterling Silver Copper Pewter Nickel Antiques.
Dreske Silverplating Fine Metal Restoration
Revive your worn silver and put the luster back in your copper, brass, pewter, and sterling. We specialize in plating, polishing, lacquering, and repairs.
Edison Coatings inc.
Restoration masonry terra cotta repair mortar patching coating historic restoration limestone brownstone sandstone concrete repointing custom color-match color bluestone slate stucco plaster crack sealant sealer waterproof epoxy adhesive latex-modified la
Kepha Company di Grandi Eugenio s.a.s.
Azienda specializzata nel trattamento e lavorazione a freddo dei metalli, nella conservazione e nel restauro di pezzi da museo.
Metal Conservation
Ferrous Metal Corrosion Electrochemical Corrosion Anaerobic Corrosion Ferrous Alloys Summary Preliminary Steps: Documentation, Storage, and Mechanical Cleaning Initial Documentation Storage of Iron Prior to Treatment Alkaline Inhibitive Solutions Oxidizing Solution Use of De-ionized Water Encrustation Removal Preliminary Artifact Evaluation.
Metal Conservation
Metal conservation: Documentation, Storage, and Mechanical Cleaning
Metal restoration and maintenance
metal maintenance, refinishing and restoration; architectural metals; consulting
The Real Wrought Iron Company is as far as we know, the sole world supplier of genuine wrought iron. We supply both puddled and charcoal wrought iron to blacksmiths throughout the world, for use in the restoration of historic ironwork
home page
Information on creative metalworking techniques, sculpture and design. Includes information on the care and repair of bronze castings and other metal designs.