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Ceramic Analysis Biliography
Archaeological Ceramic Analysis Biliography with special emphasis on the U.S. Southwest, by Crystal Corwin. Last updated 12/15/99.
China Painting List
Porcelain Painting Online Directory listing selected china painters; museums, associations and portal sites; fine china, potteries and restorers; brush, kiln and paint manufacturers; plus magazines, schools and suppliers.
GEAL s.r.l
Chemical and technological application products for recovery, restoration and preservation of absorbent building materials and in particular, bricks, terra-cotta, stones, headstones and wood (new and antique).
Pottery Conservation
Soluble Salts, Removal of Insoluble Salts, Stain Removal, General Steps for the Removal of Insoluble Salts and Stains, Stone Conservation.
Sinopia On-line is a store front for the world, offering the finest array of raw materials for the arts. Sinopia serves the needs of Artists, Surface Designers, Decorators, Luthiers and Gilders, with a complete catalogue and on-line secure ordering (world wide shipping available).