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Geoscan 3D Media, +31 71 8801576
Geoscan 3D Media, delivers ground pentrating radar and 3d scanning solutions
Topografia, GPS, Fotogrammetria, Laser per edilizia e movimento terra, distanziometri, teodoliti, disto, accessori
Grips & fixture for material tests
Grips and fixtures for tensile testing, accessories for tensile testing.
Ground Penetrating Radar - Sensors & Software Inc.
Sensors & Software, your comprehensive GPR resource center for subsurface imaging solutions and ground penetrating radar information. The pulseEKKO ground penetrating radar systems and the Noggin subsurface imaging systems. Ground penetrating radar is a nondestructive, nonintrusive subsurface investigation method. GPR is used around the world for applications such as groundwater studies, locating metallic and nonmetallic utilities, finding graves, defining geology, and more.
INFOTOP toptgraphics & informatics
Cultural Heritage in Portugal, city Braga, Photogrammetry software
JEOL sales of Electron Optic and Analytical Instruments including Scanning Electron Microscopes Transmission Electron Microscopes MS ESR and NMR Spectrometry and Defect Review.
Kinemetrics Inc.
Manufacturer of Seismic Equipments - products for monitoring bridges, dams, structures, seismic arrays and networks, as well as systems for the nuclear power industry.
Lamerholm Fleming Ltd - Products that reduce transit damage
Reduce transit damage with the Lamerholm Fleming range of shock and environmental monitoring systems.
Long Life for Art
Founded in 1991 by graduated conservator/restorer Christoph Waller our main objective is to provide materials and advice to help you preserve your precious artworks in the best possible condition. We specialize in pre-conditioned humidity buffers to maintain ideal constant relative humidity levels in your showcases. We distribute hygrometers, dataloggers, light- and UV -meters of many manufacturers and give advice on which system to choose. We are the only company in Europe to offer a selection of scavengers against all kinds of pollutants which could harm your exhibits, even oxygen scavengers. We offer all necessary equipment for anoxic eradication of insect pests.
Long Life for Art - Christoph Waller
Materials for Preventive Conservation. Climate Measuring Instruments: Arten Thermohygrometer, Control Hygrometer Lufft 5804, Constant humidity generators for display cabinets. Silica Gel, Dessiccant Bags, Molecular Sieves, Humidity Indicator Strips, Sorbents for Gaseous Pollutants, Anti-Tarnish Sorbents for Silver, Chracoal Cloth, Oxygen Scavengers Ageless and RP, Barrier Films and Equipment, Oxygen Monitors
UV- / Lightmeters and loggers.
Suppliers of Dehumidifiers including Mitsubishi MJ-E100PX, MJ-100P-E1 and Portable too. Dampness and Humidity Monitoring and Control. Dehumidifiers that fight Dampness Condensation, Mould, Mildew, Asthma
Microscopes & Microtomes
Optical Devices Inc., Provides various kind of quality microscopes and microtomes to industry, research, clinics and laboratories
Monaco Systems, Inc - Color Management
Monaco Systems' award-winning, icc profiling color management software for monitors, printers, scanners, and digital cameras.
NDT Italiana - Milano
Since 1952 furnishes productsand instruments forNON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING,CHEMICAL ANALYSIS,QUALITY CONTROL.
Nikon Thermal Vision camera Laird-S270A
Nuova Termocamera Portatile Ultracompatta ad alte prestazioni.
Olympus Industrial Products Group is a leading manufacturer of
borescopes, fiberscopes, Videoimagescopes and image management systems used for a wide variety of remote visual inspection (RVI) applications. Olympus RVI instruments save hours of time and labor by allowing users to visually inspect behind walls and deep inside engines, machinery, pipes, ducts, valves, vessels, and other difficult-to-reach areas without major teardown or disassembly.
PerkinElmer Instruments
Global Provider of Analytical Instruments and Detection Systems
Philips Analytical
Philips Analytical is a section of Multinational Philps that offers analytical x-ray product line in a broad range of x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and x-ray diffraction (XRD) equipment to customers in industries such as cement, steel, copper, aluminium, petrochemicals, industrial minerals, glass and polymers and to customers in R&D institutions.
Quantachrome Instruments
Quantachrome Instruments manufactures analytical instruments for particle characterization. Our products are used to measure particle density, particle size, particle size distribution, pore size of powders, surface area., for a wide variety of production control, research and quality assurance applications. The instruments we manufacture are Autosorb, ChemBET, Monosorb, Degasser, Poremaster, Ultrapycnometer, Pentapycnometer, Steropycnometer, Autotap, Riffler, NOVA, Quantasorb, Mercury Contact Anglometer, TPR/TPD
Rotronic a.g.
Humidity, Dew Point and Temperature Instruments