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L'Associazione dei Restauratori della CNA di Roma e l'area internet Deblin, presentano il nuovo portale verticale dedicato al settore del restauro,dove il restauratore potrà trovare tutte le informazioni relative a: contratti, gare, SOA, ricerche partners per gare, stazioni appaltanti e normative.
Spectra Online
A FREE searchable database of over 26,000 FT-IR, MS, NMR, UV/VIS, Raman and NIR spectra. - Il portale degli studenti
Motore di ricerca sulle opportunità post-laurea in Italia: tutti i master, tutti i corsi di perfezionamento, tutte le scuole di specializzazione...
The Ancient World Web
The Ancient World Web is a Meta Index for all things Ancient.
The Conservation Link
This site is a good starting point if you're looking for information about conservation and restauration out on the net. Online noticeboard for conservators!
The Council of Europe's co-operation programme
The Council of Europe's co-operation programme entails devising common policies and standards, developing transnational co-operation networks, providing technical support for member states and organising schemes to increase awareness of heritage values.

The World Heritage List
The 690 properties which the World Heritage Committee has inscribed on the World Heritage List (529 cultural, 138 natural and 23 mixed properties in 122 States Parties). The World Heritage Committee has inscribed the following properties on the World Heritage List. The List, arranged alphabetically by nominating State Party, is current as of December 2000. The list will be updated following the next meeting of the Committee in December 2001.
Site fédérateur de la communauté des professionnels privés publics et institutionnels de l'urbanisme, de l'habitat, de la construction et des déplacements urbains. Urbamet est un portail thématique ayant pour vocation d'offrir l'accès à la documentation, aux informations, documents, colloques, publications, banques de données du secteur.
Vitruvio - Architecture on the Web
A web resource guide to architecture which includes links to major sites in history, theory, and design. Famous architects.
European Heritage Forum on the internet
Caring for Collections Across Australia has been developed with this goal in mind. This set of practical guidebooks is designed by the Council for use principally by non-conservators who are working with Australia’s cultural heritage. The guidebooks are also a teacher-friendly resource which can be used in professional development workshops.

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