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Conservation Issues
The ultimate online and interactive portal dedicated to consevation and restoration and preservation professional practice and issues of antiquities, works of arts and historic heritage Searchable database of Irish excavation reports.
This database contains summary accounts of all the archaeological excavations carried out in Ireland - North and South - from 1985 to 1999. It can be browsed or searched using multiple fields.
Indus Valley
The Ancient Indus Valley: Harappa, Mohenjodaro and Lothal 500 multimedia pages
Libera Associazione per gli Studi Etruscologici e Topografici
Sito ufficiale di archeologi professionisti e di studiosi di tutte le discipline inerenti i Beni Culturali in genere. Attivitā: convegni, corsi di formazione, ricerca.
Megaliths in Europa
A leading megalithic site with many descriptions of European megaliths, mainly in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Russia and Poland
Musei on line
Database dei musei italiani. Ricerca per tipologia, ricerca per area geografica, ricerca avanzata.
Museums Of The World: Art, Painting, Society, Culture, History, Holocaust, Exhib
Museums Of The World - The greatest database from all museums of the world - Art, Painting, Society, Culture, History, Holocaust, Exhibition, Castle, Memorial, Gallery, Science, Natural History, Heritage, Society and Cultur, and much more at
National Archeological Database - National Park Service
The Archeology and Ethnograpy Program sponsors and helps maintain the National Archeological Database, a computerized communications network for the archeological and historic preservation community. NADB is an internationally recognized source of information on public archeology that was established to meet a congressional directive to improve access to information on archeological activities nationwide. NADB modules include Reports and GIS Maps. A module on archeological Permits is forthcoming.
Paleomagnetic Data
Paleomagnetic Database - June 2000 release. Includes the Global Paleomagnetic Database (GPMDB), Polarity Transitions Database (TRANS), Secular Variation Database (SECVR), Magnetostratigraphy Database, and Paleosecular Variation from Lavas 0-5 Ma (PSVRL).
Stone Pages - A guide to European megaliths
Stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns and barrows: welcome to the first guide to European megaliths and other ancient sites
WWW Virtual Library: Remote Sensing
remote sensing, remote sensing index, remote sensing list, remote sensing organizations, satellite data, remote sensing conferences, remote sensing societes, remote sensing journals, GIS, kaukokartoitus
Your Guide to One of Over 700 Sites
Provides links to archaeological websites around the world

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