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Geophysical Data Service
Geophysical Data in Archaeology. A Guide to Good Practice
Global nature conservation policy and legislation
The current list contains those legal instruments and policy frameworks that apply to the entire world. The focus of this list is on the conservation of biological and landscape diversity. They are classified according to the type of instrument and within the categories ranked chronologically.
Guidelines for Training in Architectural Conservation
Suggested Guidelines for Training in Architectural Conservation, National Conservation Advisory Council
Guides to Good Practice Series Notes
The Archaeology Data Service has commissioned a series of Guides to Good Practice in conjunction with its sister services in the Arts and Humanities Data Service. These Guides provide practical guidance in applying recognised standards to facilitate the creation, preservation, and re-use of digital resources. Some of the Guides focus on specific methods used by archaeologists, others address broader archiving topics. All Guides identify and explore key issues in digital archiving. The Guides are not intended to serve as method texts, but instead provide pointers to basic literature for those who need more detailed information.
Historic Buildings & Monuments Commission for England.
Guidelines for the care of waterlogged archaeological leather. Compiled by Glynis Edwards ( and Quita Mould, Ancient Monuments Laboratory, with assistance from members of the Archaeological Leather Group, August 1995.
Historic Preservation Professional Qualification Standards
Professional Qualification Standards were developed by the National Park Service (NPS) 20 years ago to ensure that a consistent level of expertise would be applied nationally to the identification, evaluation, documentation, registration, treatment, and interpretation of historic and archeological resources.
ICOM-CC, Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics of the ICOM Committee for Conservation "The Conservator-Restorer: a Definition of the Profession"
First Brazilian Seminar About the Preservation and Revitalization of Historic Centers July 1987
On the Conservation of Historic Towns and Urban Areas.
ICOMOS charters
Charters adopted by the General Assembly of ICOMOS. Resolutions and Declarations of ICOMOS Symposia. Charters Adopted by ICOMOS National Committees. Other International Standards.
International Code of Ethics for Dealers in Cultural Property
Members of the trade in cultural property recognize the key role that trade has traditionally played in the dissemination of culture and in the distribution to museums and private collectors of foreign cultural property for the education and inspiration of all peoples.
They acknowledge the world wide concern over the traffic in stolen, illegally alienated, clandestinely excavated and illegally exported cultural property and accept as binding the following principles of professional practice intended to distinguish cultural property being illicitly traded from that in licit trade and they will seek to eliminate the former from their professional activities.
New Zealand Charter
Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Heritage Value
New Zealand Professional Conservators Group
The Code of Ethics provides a standard for the professional conduct of a conservator of cultural property.
PHA Code of Practice
Professional Historians Association nsw inc code of practice
Protection of cultural property
European Convention on Offences Relating to Cultural Property (1985)
Reforzamiento De Las Viviendas De Adobe Existentes En La Costa Y Sierra
The objective of this technical manual is to introduce, through a series of figures, a simple technique of consolidation that allows to delay the collapse of the existing residences of raw brick in the Andean region, when these are seen subject to earthquakes.
Register of Professional Archaeologists
Code of Conduct and Standards of Research Performance. Archaeology is a profession, and the privilege of professional practice requires professional morality and professional responsibility, as well as professional competence, on the part of each practitioner.
Guidelines for the Care of Natural History Collections. The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections. Improving preservation, conservation and management of natural history collections to ensure their continuing value to society.
Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation
Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings-Index. The Secretary of the Interior is responsible for establishing standards for all programs under Departmental authority and for advising Federal agencies on the preservation of historic properties listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.
The Athens Charter
The Athens Charter for the Restoration of Historic Monuments Adopted at the First International Congress of Architects and Technicians of Historic Monuments, Athens 1931.

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