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Universitā di Venezia
Corso di laurea in Conservazione dei beni culturali
What is Rock Art?
Outline of what rock-art is about and why it should be protected
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. conducts research and issues test reports on the image permanence of digital and traditional photographic print materials
Wissenschaftliche Photographie Uni Basel
Scientific page for digital image restauration and conservation. The company does research on longevity and archive-worthiness of papers, inks and printers, usually a matter of the combination of all three of these, rather than just one element.

Working group
Natural stones were used as building material at Historicly important buildings and monuments as well as at modern and industrial buildings. The drastic increase of weathering damages at these monuments, especially at cultural monuments, requires urgent preservation measures on the basis of newest research results. Knowledge of the weathering state of monuments, of material properties of stones used and of material alterations owing to weathering is the basis for the explanation of the complex weathering processes and causes of damages and therefore important for planning and execution of preservation measures and for prevention of damages
Zond software
Software for processing and interpretation of geophysical data
Zond software
Software for processing and interpretation of geophysical data.
grupporicerche - Sezione di Genova dell'I.I.S.L.
Main site of the research group of the International Institute of the Ligure's Study (sez. Genoa).

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