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Keepsafe Systems
Keepsafe Systems, oxygen-free storage, preservation, Oxygen Absorber, Ageless, RP System, micro climate, time capsule, insect fumigation, infestation, barrier film, conservation
Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées
LCPC was set up in 1851 as the Laboratoire des Ponts et Chaussées and became autonomous in 1949. It is today a State research organization working for the State and the local authorities in connection with professionals involved in civil engineering, transport, urban engineering and environment . LCPC's internal structure (FR) reflects its technical fields of interest.
Lexical and Classification Resources
Stanford University Libraries - This page offers dictionaries, thesauri, classification schemes, and related matter primarily of use to those managing preservation libraries, imaging projects, etc
Manufactures de tabacs, inventaire d'un patrimoine industriel
Rechercher les origines d'une manufacture, Répertorier les mesures de protection et les réhabilitations, Localiser les archives, Valoriser le patrimoine bâti.
Masonry Conservation Research Group
Information on research into building stone decay, conservation and historic preservation
Medieval Pottery Research Group
The Medieval Pottery Research Group is a special interest group in the field of archaeological ceramic studies.
Musea - Cultural Heritage Information Technology
The primary objectives of Musea are: "to study and investigate the standardisation issues corresponding to requirements emerging from the activities related to the storage and on-line access of the Cultural Heritage (ref. SOGITS N884)." You will find materials provided by this project, a discussion forum, an interactive questionnaire and interesting links to other sites related to Cultural heritage Information Technology.
NIKU, The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, is a national and international centre of expertise for research and fieldwork relating to heritage conservation and management.
National Preservation Office
The National Preservation Office is currently undertaking the following research: Register of Collection Strengths and Preservation Status
Regnet - Regional Networks
REGNET aims to set up a functionalNetwork of Cultural Service Centresthrough Europe which will provide IT-services dedicated to cultural heritage organisations...
The Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education (SCMRE) is a specialized unit dedicated to research and education in an interdisciplinary area uniting the arts and humanities with physical and natural sciences. The staff represents a wide range of disciplines, the interaction of which achieves a fuller understanding of complex objects, conditions and contexts. Scholarly quality, importance and relevance to the appropriate professional audience nationally and internationally, and concurrence with formulated priorities are principal criteria in program development.
SIARB Arte Rupestre de Bolivia
prehispanic and colonial rock art of Bolivia - investigation and preservation of rock art sites by SIARB
Scottish Centre for Environmental Design Research
Information on the Scottish Centre for Environmental Design Research
Stonemasonry and stone carving, from Fairhaven of Anglesey Abbey, UK
Stonemasonry stone carving sculpture restoration and conservation from Fairhaven of Anglesey Abbey UK
Textile Conservation Centre
From 1975 to 1999 the Textile Conservation Centre was based at Hampton Court Palace and has been instrumental in establishing and developing the profession and techniques of textile conservation, offering a world-renowned postgraduate education in the subject. Over 200 people have studied with the Centre and they now work in museums and heritage institutions around the world.
The International Institute for Conservation
The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
The National Museum of Denmark
The department conserves the collection of the National Museum. It also works for other institutions and individuals on a non profit basis, covering about half of its expenses in this way. The department conducts research in conservation processes and in historic techniques of fabrication and decoration.
U. S. Heritage Group - Masonry Preservation and Lime Mortar - Home Page.
The U. S. Heritage Group specializes in historically accurate masonry restoration, preservation, and conservation. Mortar matching service as well as preparation of historically accurate lime mortars, worldwide consultant network, and many useful links are featured on this site
Università degli Studi di Pavia
Operatori dei Beni Culturali - Indirizzo archivistico
Università di Genova
Corso di laurea in conservazione dei beni culturali

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