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Nd:YAG Laser
YAG Laser systems for monuments, architectonical surfaces and archaeological objects cleaning. Activity developed with the scientific cooperation of: University of Florence, Region of Tuscany, National Research Council (C.N.R.), Opificio delle Pietre Dure - Florence (Restoration Institute of Cultural Heritage Ministry)
Photogrammetry & Archaeology
An introduction into photogrammetrical applications to archaeology
Essays on rock art dating and the rational for rock art conservation. History of and continuing rock art destruction is discussed.
Remotely Wild: Newsletter of TWS GIS/RS/Telemetry Working Group
GIS, Remote Sensing, and Telemetry Working Group
Society for Conservation GIS Home Page
The Society for Conservation Geographic Information Systems (SCGIS) is a non-profit organization that works to assist conservationists worldwide in using GIS through communication, networking, scholarships, and training.
Spatial Odyssey
Spatial Odyssey provides access to the tables of contents of many GIS conference proceedings and collections of articles published since 1991. Information on how to access the table of contents of GIS journals or search for journal citations and abstracts through commercial databases is also available at this site.
The Geography of Art: Imaging the Abstract with GIS - Features - Directions Maga
The use of technical imaging of art works has a long history, dating from the very early days of x-radiography up to today's computer imaging technologies. Besides the use of x-rays, the "Conservators, conservation scientists and art historians have turned to another technique well known to the GIS community, multi-spectral imaging." ultraviolet and infrared (IR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum have found the most extensive use in this field. These examination tools yield significant information about the construction of a work of art, the materials the artist or subsequent restorers may have used, and generally the creative development of the work.
The use of Low Vacuum Scanning Electron Microscopy with
The introduction of LV-SEM as a tool in conservation science has greatly improved the possibilities of analysing a wide variety of unique specimens in a non destructive manner. The poster presents a number of examples of how LV-SEM can give valuable information to conservators, archaeologists and curators with minimum damage to the artefact.
UC Berkeley Library Web
Dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms in geographic information systems, cartography, and remote sensing
University of Northumbria : Welcome to the School of Humanities
Practical conservation work is carried out in well-equipped, self contained studios on their own site on the city centre campus. Burt Hall is a listed building which was completely restored and converted for the use of the conservation unit in 1994.
Raman-Spektroskopie: Grundlagen, Techniken und Anwendungen

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