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L'Unité mixte de recherche CÉPAM est un groupement de recherche en archéologie et en histoire et civilisation, de la préhistoire à la fin du Moyen Age.
C.R.P.A.A - Centre de Recherche en Physique Appliquée à l'Archéologie
Le CRP2A est un laboratoire de développement et d'application de méthodes physico-chimiques aux "archéomatériaux" inorganiques (céramique, verre, métaux, enduit peint, pigment, roches architecturale ...) en vue de leur datation, leur caractérisation et leur préservation. Le centre dispose de nombreux équipements scientifiques.
Canadian Conservation Institute
Virtual Tour of CCI
Caring for the Library of Congress Collections - Preservation (Library of Congre
The mission of the Preservation Directorate at the Library of Congress is to assure long-term, uninterrupted access to the intellectual content of the Library's collections, either in original or reformatted form. This mission is accomplished directly through the provision of conservation, binding and repair, reformatting, materials testing, and staff and user education; and indirectly through coordinating and overseeing all Library-wide activities relating to the preservation and physical protection of Library material.
Conservation Management Institute
The Conservation Management Institute (CMI) at Virginia Tech addresses multidisciplinary research questions that affect conservation management effectiveness in Virginia, North America, and the world. Faculty from Virginia Tech and other research institutions work collaboratively on projects ranging from endangered species propagation to satellite imagery interpretation. CMI was founded on the basic belief that informed conservation action is necessary to stem the worldwide loss of biodiversity, and good management must be grounded in good science.
Dating Exhibit
An exhibit in the MSU EMuseum that has information about the various techniques used to determine the age of antiquities.
Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology
The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology is an independent research unit within the Bloomington campus of Indiana University.
Laboratoire Dépt. d'Archéologie, CG94
Le Laboratoire Départemental d'Archéologie est une structure du Conseil Général du Val-de-Marne. Ce service a pour mission la gestion et la conservation du patrimoine archéologique départemental.
Materiali e Metodi
Il "Laboratorio di Analisi Non Distruttive e Archeometria" del Dipartimento di Energetica dell’Università La Sapienza di Roma progetta e realizza, fin dagli anni Settanta, strumentazioni portatili per l'analisi e la diagnostica di beni artistici.
National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property,Lucknow(India
The NRLC library has about 12000 books on conservation and allied subjects, and subscribes to many journals published in the field of conservation. Lists of yearly acquisitions and abstracts of conservation literature are prepared yearly for users.
ORMYLIA Art Diagnosis Centre
The “ORMYLIA” Art Diagnosis Centre conducts interdisciplinary research with a view to documenting and preserving monuments of cultural heritage. The Centre operates in Ormylia, Chalkidiki, under the auspices of the Sacred Convent of the Annunciation, a dependency of the Monastery of Simonos Petra on the Holy Mountain.
Oxford University Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
Dating and Analysis Services Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit Luminescence Dating Stable Isotopes and Diet Seminar list The journal Archaeometry Radiocarbon Calibration Program - OxCal v3.4
RLAHA Oxford Home page
Oxford University Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
Rathgen Reserarch Laboratory
The Rathgen Research Laboratory was founded in 1975 as an institution of the state museums in Berlin. Its task is to contribute towards the preservation, care and research of objects in the state museums by applying scientific methods. Technical methods are used here to determine the age, origin and production techniques of works of art. In addition new conservation methods are researched for objects exposed to the hazards of air pollution or extreme climatic conditions.
Scientific Research Centre
The Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts
A regional lab for the preservation and conservation of paper-based materials.
The Laboratory for Ceramic Research
The Laboratory for Ceramic Research Department of Quaternary Geology University of Lund, Sweden