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- Laboratorio di Datazione tramite Luminescenza -
This site presents our research group of the university of Catania. We work with a TL,OSL dating laboratory and some other characterization methods like Raman spectroscopy, EPR and Imaging
Dalhousie TOSL Laboratory: TL, OSL, ESR dosimetry & dating
Introduction to Dalhousie Thermally & Optically Stimulated Luminescence & ESR Paleodosimetry laboratory
Forschungsstelle Archaeometrie Heidelberg - Luminescence dating
Luminescence is the emission of light from non-conducting solids in addition to their black-body radiation. It is caused by the stimulation of trapped electrons from metastable energy levels, which are related to crystal defects and/or impurities, and their subsequent recombination under photon emission.
Laboratorio di Datazione tramite Luminescenza
L'LDL (Luminescence Dating Laboratory) č un laboratorio di ricerca del Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia dell'Universitā di Catania che opera dal 1989 nel campo della datazione e della caratterizzazione di archeomateriali e sedimenti geologici.
Luminescence Dating Laboratory Aberystwyth
Luminescence dating is a Quaternary dating method used to determine the age of a sample. The method was initially developed in the 1960's for dating pottery. However, since 1979 the method has also been applied to dating geological sediments, and this is the application that has been worked upon most extensively in the Aberystwyth luminescence laboratory. The method can produce ages from as low as 30-50 years, up to almost a million years
Luminescence Research Laboratory
Department of Archaeology University of Durham
Papylum Homepage
Papylum Project. Chemiluminescence, A Novel Tool in Paper Conservation Studies
RLAHA Luminescence page
The Oxford RLAHA has been actively involved in the development and application of luminescence dating for more than 30 years. The laboratory has a continuing commitment to research remains extremely active within the field. A commercial dating service is also available.
The UCL Raman Spectroscopy Library of Natural and Synthetic Pigments
These pages contain Raman spectral data for a range of natural and synthetic pigments used before 1850 AD.
USNDP - User View (Archaeology)
U. S. Nuclear Data Program - The data, data browsers, viewers, and articles listed below will be useful in various fields of archaeology such as luminescence dating.
Welcome to the special Laboratory
Hier finden Sie alles rund um die Wasseraufbereitung in Druckereien und grafischen Betrieben !