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British Geological Survey Home Page
The British Geological Survey (BGS) home page.
The objective of the Institute for Technologies Applied to Cultural Property (ITABC) is that of carrying out research in the field of the knowledge, protection and safeguarding of Cultural Property, proposing innovative scientific methodologies and technologies or ones already tried and tested in other disciplines. The Institute possesses specific competence for operating on particular problems, but is also capable of tackling studies calling for an interdisciplinary approach. There are two main sectors of research: Analysis of Materials and Protectionof Buildings, andGeology/Geophysics;
CRPG - Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques
Le Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques (CRPG) est un laboratoire propre du CNRS regroupant une centaine de personnes travaillant dans le domaine des Sciences de la Terre et des Planètes. Situé à Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France, le centre fait partie de la Fédération de Recherche Eau-Sol-Terre (EST). Le laboratoire est organisé en trois équipes de recherche, Géochimie, Pétrologie, et Géodynamique. D'autre part, le centre héberge le Service d'Analyse des Roches et des Minéraux et le Service National de Sonde Ionique de l'INSU. La revue Geostandards Newsletter est publiée par le CRPG.
Carbonate Minerals
Department of Geology, University of Georgia. This is a listing of all known carbonate-bearing minerals for which names have been approved by the IMA's CNMMN.
Department of Conservation, California Geological Survey

Environmental Geomorphology Research Group - Physical Geography Research Cluster
The Environmental Geomorphology Research Group seeks to use geomorphological techniques to contribute to the understanding of certain environmental issues.
Geological Society
Geological Society
Geology Discipline Home Page
The U.S. Geological Survey maintains this registry of Earth and Environmental Science Internet resources as a service to the research community.
Huddersfield University Division of Geographical Sciences
Limestone Research Group
The Geochemical Society
The NEW, OFFICIAL Geochemical Society site, online Jan 1, 2000. GS is a private nonprofit international scientific society founded to encourage the application of chemistry to the solution of geological and cosmological problems. Membership is international and diverse in background, encompassing such fields as organic geochemistry, high- and low-temperature geochemistry, petrology, meteoritics, fluid-rock interaction, and isotope geochemistry.
The Mineralogical Society
The Mineralogical Society was instituted in 1876. The general object is to advance the knowledge not only of Mineralogy but also of Crystallography, Geochemistry and Petrology, together with kindred subjects. This is done principally by publishing scientific journals, books and monographs, and by arranging or supporting scientific meetings. The Society speaks for Mineralogy in Great Britain, linking with British science in general through the Royal Society and cooperating closely with the Geological Society. It maintains liaison with European mineralogists as a member society of the European Mineralogical Union, and it is the body which nominates British representatives to the International Mineralogical Association.
USGS National Geologic Map Database