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Dendrodata s.a.s. - Dendrocronologia - Home Page
Nel 1991 č stata costituita la societā DENDRODATA s.a.s. specializzata nella datazione dendrocronologic a e l'analisi di reperti e strutture lignei.
Dry Rot Research Group - University of Abertay Dundee
Information on Reasearch Areas. The causative organism of dry rot, Serpula lacrymans, is not a native organism of the UK despite its frequent occurence in the UK built environment. The Dry Rot Research Group is part of an international team investigating the natural origins and habitat of S.lacrymans.
Homepage for the American
The American Bryological and Lichenological Society, Inc. is an organization devoted to the scientific study of all aspects of the biology of bryophytes and lichen-forming fungi and is one of the nation's oldest botanical organizations.
IRL - Istituto per la Ricerca sul Legno
Wood biodegradation and preservation
Istituto per la tecnologia del legno
Laboratorio di caratterizzazione e prove non distruttive
La dendrocronologia
Microcore, report index
Novel Molecular Tools For The Analysis Of Unknown Microbial Communities Of Mural Paintings And Their Implementation Into The Conservation/Restoration Practise
In Sweden, the working group PRE-MAL (Pest Research and Education - Museums Archives and Libraries) is led by the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Experts in textile, wood and paper conservation, taxidermy, entomology and occupational medicine are represented.
RGI Resource Group Integrator
VELOXY, Veloxy, anoxia, anossia, RGI, rgi, Conserver, disinfestation, disinfestazione, insect pest, ipm, integrated pest management
Terry L. Highley
Biodeterioration of Wood
The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research is the department of the University of Arizona that applies dendrochronology (the study of tree rings) to improve understanding of natural environmental variability in climatic, hydrologic, geomorphic, and ecological systems and their interactions with human societies
The Lichen Herbarium, University of Oslo
The lichen herbarium at the Botanical Museum in Oslo consists of a Norwegian herbarium (c. 75,000 specimens), a foreign herbarium (c. 150,000 specimens), a type herbarium (c. 1,000 specimens), and a collection of exsiccatae (c. 5,000 specimens).
The ultimate tree-ring web pages
The ultimate tree-ring web pages, designed to be the ULTIMATE source for information on tree-ring research (dendrochronology)
Wood Biology and Tree Ring Group at BOKU Vienna
Wood Biology and Tree Ring Research Group