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Locum Destination Consulting - Heritage
Locum delivers leading-edge consulting to destinations in the tourism, leisure, heritage and cultural sectors. Locum brings together business planners and creative strategists. Locum expertise and analysis help to create and sustain winning destinations in the UK, Europe and beyond.
Materials and equipments for the Restoration and the Conservatio
Materials and equipments for the Restoration and the Conservation of the Cultural Heritage
Mike's Clock Clinic's
A Web page devoted to horology (clocks and watches) from repairs, to overhauls, to research, to restoration, to information.
Paolo Terzi Fotografo
Fotografia per i beni culturali. Arte antica e moderna. Documentazione fasi restauro.
Home page
S/R Labs - Animated films restoration
The heart of S/R Labs is our conservation laboratory. Treatments and procedures are based on traditional conservation practice and have been developed expressly to meet the exacting and particular needs of animation art. Using the newest technologies, we have reconstructed the methods used in the creation of animated films from all periods and apply them in the traditional manner to preserve the integrity and longevity of your art.
SVK Studio of the Western Sweden Conservators Trust
SVK is an institution for conservation and restoration of cultural heritage in Western Sweden.
SilverBel - Homepage
A website dedicated to the promotion of antique and contemporary belgian, european, english, american and iberoamerican silverware and jewels
Society of American Silversmiths - A resource for silversmiths, collectors, and
We're the world's #1 resource for anything relating to the silversmiths' art and craft.
Specs Bros
Audio & Video Tape Restoration
Studio tecnico on line
consulenza su problematiche di progettazione architettonica
e di edilizia in generale per professionisti, per enti e per privati.
The Hai Hen institute for Conservation of Works of Art
The Institute works mainly for museums and institutions and major private collections, using the latest western and oriental techniques, many evolved in the Institute itself
The Magnetic Media Restoration Company. VidiPax is the world's largest and most advanced video and audiotape restoration company in the world, servicing obsolete, neglected, deteriorated, and smoke and water damaged tapes
Welcome to Heritage Strategies
Services to governments and NGOs related to the economically productive use of heritage resources. Services include: training; heritage building reuse strategies; economic development strategies; measuring economic impact; policy assistance.
Welcome to Heritage Strategies
Heritage Strategies International provides professional, high quality education, information,and technical assistance internationally to clients seeking to encourage the economically productive use of heritage resources.
Worldheritage Forum - Current
With this Website I would like to report on current developments, conferences, etc. in my Web log and make my publications accessible for users who are intersted. Comments are most welcome. architettura e non solo...
Il sito italiano sull' architettura, il design, la grafica e le maggiori arti figurative, con risorse gratuite in rete , per gli appassionati e i professionisti del settore
Welcome to the new ePreservation, an online community center for historic preservation. ePreservation is built by the online community it (pre)serves.

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