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FZS - The Photographic Federation of Slovenia
FZS - Fotografska Zveza Slovenije; The Photographic Federation of Slovenia; Fédération Photographique de Slovénie; Slowenischer Verband für Fotografie
Fire Safety Institute
The Fire Safety Institute develops creative solutions that meet fire safety objectives through fire risk evaluation methods that optimize protection for people, artifacts, and buildings while minimizing intrusion on historic authenticity.
Florida Trust For Historic Preservation
The Florida Trust is a state sponsored group that seeks to preserve historical landmarks and treasures.
Friends of Terra Cotta
The Friends of Terra Cotta, Inc., a national, non-profit organization, was founded to promote education and research in the preservation of architectural terra cotta and related ceramic materials. The organization seeks to educate the general public and construction industry professionals about architectural terra cotta's value and history as a building material.

Fundación Patrimonio Histórico
Patrimonio Histórico es una entidad civil sin fines de lucro, bajo la forma jurídica de Fundación, que tiene la finalidad de promover la preservación del Patrimonio Cultural. Para lograr su propósito, la Fundación Patrimonio Histórico desarrolla programas, en ámbitos diversos, con los que contribuye a la formación de los diferentes profesionales del área y a que la comunidad disfrute ese Patrimonio a través de la educación y de exposiciones, eventos y publicaciones.
Asociación fundada en 1976 para la defensa, salvaguarda y puesta en valor del Patrimonio Cultural Español y su entorno. Gestiona los proyectos españoles en los premios anuales de EUROPA NOSTRA-UNION EUROPEA para la conservación del Patrimonio
Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador's Registered Heritage Structures
Heritage Preservation: Ensuring the preservation of America's cultural heritage
For over a quarter century, Heritage Preservation has been working to ensure the preservation of America's collections for present and future generations. We are the nation's leading nonprofit advocate for the proper care of all our cultural heritage--works of art, books and archives, documents and photographs, architecture, monuments, natural science specimens, and family heirlooms.
Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire
The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire exists to protect, preserve, promote and present the rich heritage of the county for the benefit of local people and visitors
Hornemann Institut
The Hornemann Institute provides service in the field of conservation and restoration. We support continuing training by collecting current scientific results in the field of restoration and conservation, compiling them for multi-media purposes and imparting them. We organize expositions on current conservation measures. Utilizing the possibilities of modern technical means, these exhibitions aim to convince visitors both of the significance of cultural heritage and of the obligation to preserve it. We offer help with the acquisition of literature. We distribute publications on particular subjects. Our team comprises experts on the subjects of monument preservation, restoration and conservation, new media, electronic data processing and linguistics.
IGIIC Gruppo Italiano
gruppo che intende aumentare il dialogo fra gli operatori del settore cercando di aumentare il confronto sulle problematiche tecniche della conservazione e favorendo la diffusione della conoscenza fra i proprio iscritti
Image Permanence Institute
The Image Permanence Institute is a university-based, non-profit research laboratory devoted to scientific research in the preservation of visual and other forms of recorded information.
Jersey Heritage Trust
The Jersey Heritage Trust is responsible for the islands major historic sites, award-winning museums and public archives. We hold collections of all kinds information relating to Jerseys history, culture and environment. There areas are illustrated in this site.
Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois
The Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois is the state's leading voice for historic preservation.
Los Angeles Conservancy
A resource for information on historic preservation, architecture, and Los Angeles
Luigi De Cesaris Onlus
L'Associazione "Luigi De Cesaris Onlus" è dedicata al grande restauratore e conservatore di beni culturali recentemente scomparso. La Onlus è dedita alla promozione di eventi e iniziative sul tema della cultura del restauro in Italia e all'estero.
Medioevo Italiano Project
The Medioevo Italiano Project (MIP) Italian non-profit organization, is constantly aiming to make and develop new means to study and research the Middle Ages on the web. Italy, Spain & United Kingdom websites.
Memphis Heritage
Site of Memphis Heritage, a nonprofit historic preservation society, with events,links and old postcards
Midwest Tool Collectors Association
Non-profit international organization dedicated to the study, preservation and understanding of the early tools, implements and devices used by our ancestors in their homes, shops, on the farms and on the seas, and to a better perception of the industries and crafts in which these tools were used as well as the craftsmen who used them.
National Preservation Institute
The National Preservation Institute (NPI) is a nonprofit organization offering specialized information, continuing education, and professional training for the management, development, and preservation of historic, cultural, and environmental resources.

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