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French Section of IIC (International Institute of Conservation).
Sciences & Patrimoine Culturel
Ministère de la culture et de la communication - Mission de la recherche et de la technologie. Ce site est consacré aux méthodes et techniques de conservation - restauration du patrimoine culturel
The Archaeological Heritage Agency of Iceland
Icelandic Archaeology. The Archaeological Heritage Agency of Iceland is the central authority for protection and management of archaeological monuments and sites in Iceland. The Agency operates according to the National Heritage Act.
The British Library
The British Library has a coordinating task in the field of preservation. The institution is funded directly by the Government . The British Library takes a leading role in many preservation and conservation efforts in the UK, such as the Newsplan ( a project for the microfilming of newspapers). It houses the National Preservation Office.
The National Board of antiquities Finland
The National Board of Antiquities preserves Finland's material cultural heritage and environment and collects and distributes knowledge of them. The Board is also a cultural and research institution, which supports the work of Finnish museums and related research.

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