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Nordic Net Centre
The Nordic Digital Library Centre (NDLC), is the Nordic Centre of Excellence for Digital Handling of National Library Collections. The NDLC will focus its work on what may be called audio-visual information. This includes historical and current photos, radio and television, film, video, music and audio. They also give tutorials and lectures on the implications of the digitalisation of multimedia.
Patrimoine Sans Frontières
Patrimoine Sans Frontières intervient lorsqu’un patrimoine est en situation de disparition imminente, mais l’association peut également contribuer à des interventions de longue durée.

Photographic Materials Group
The American Institute for the Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works consists of about 300 members who are interested in photographic preservation, conservation treatment, history and technology. The various backgrounds and interests of PMG members mirrors the diversity of materials found in photographic media: plastic film, glass, metal, and composite objects including wood, paper prints, and album/book structures.
Quinque Foundation
The primary goals of the Quinque Foundation-Historic Scotland Partnership are: to promote greater knowledge and understanding of the buildings, collections and landscapes in the United States and Scotland and and thereby improve the quality of treatments applied to historic buildings, landscapes and objects;
to develop opportunities to enhance knowledge, skills and expertise essential for preservation efforts in the United States and Scotland.
Romualdo del Bianco Foundation
In the past years of its activity the Foundation has arranged meetings in Florenceamong Students and Professors coming from many different Countries, in cultural fields of architecture, fine arts, history of art and music.
Sito ufficiale della Fondazione Mario Lattes
La Fondazione Mario Lattes nasce nel 2002, per volontà degli eredi di Mario Lattes, con lo scopo di promuovere la conoscenza dell’intera produzione di questo importante artista ed animatore culturale.
Stichting Textielcommissie Nederland (TC)
The Dutch Textile Committee TC founded in 1962, it has played an active role in the preservation of textiles in the Netherlands. The committee encourages the gathering and exchange of
information and knowledge in the field of textile (art)history, manufacturing and use. Special attention is given to the preservation of textiles, which form an important part of our
cultural heritage. The committee organises conferences and workshops and issues publications. It also maintains connections with other textile-orientated organisations both in the Netherlands and abroad.
The Guild
The Guild is a non-profit educational organization with a membership reflecting the various disciplines of the conservation and preservation fields.
The Italian Culture Website
The leading resource for Italian culture and heritage information. We offer live webcams of Italy, egroups, forums and distribute the best selling book on Italian heritage, "The Golden Milestone".
TotalFinaElf -Patronage
Totalfinaelf, corporate philanthropy based on history, protect our cultural heritage and promote collaborative operations concerning marine or underwater archaeology, paleontology (museum, Velez Blanco, Syrie, Sultanat of Brunei), mineralogy …
Washington Conservation Guild
The Washington Conservation Guild (WCG) is a nonprofit organization for professional conservators, students and others interested in the conservation of art, ethnographic and archaeological objects, and other areas of materials conservation. It is based in Washington, D.C. and draws its membership primarily from Washington, Maryland and northern Virginia. WCG offers a forum for exchanging information about conservation through monthly meetings (October through May) and a quarterly newsletter.

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